Young At Heart

  • Adopted: 08-06-11
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 10 yrs
  • Size: 40 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Gentle demeanor, smart boy, learns quickly, an excellent companion.


Hi!  My name is Benjamin, but my foster parents like to call me Ben or sometimes Bennie or even Peanut (I was somewhat small when I arrived here).  My mom asked me if I would like to tell you my story.  She says I am a sweetheart and that I really deserve a "forever home."  I could not agree more!
I was found wandering the Kansas countryside with my best friend, a black lab.  The shelter picked us up.  They knew whom we belonged to and those people were called.   They didn't want us back.  That really made us both feel sad.  My friend was lucky; he was adopted.  I am a bit more "seasoned," in terms of age so the shelter called ACES, and they decided to rescue me.  They know how special we seniors are!
ACES arranged for lots of volunteers to drive me the distance from the shelter to my foster home.  It was scary because I wasn't used to a car and didn't really understand what was happening to me.  The drivers all told me, though, that I was a great passenger.  I was so quiet that they started calling me "Gentle Ben."  They all told me that they could not understand how someone could abandon such a sweet dog like me. 
I now live in the country with two foster siblings, a lab and golden retriever.  I get along very well with all dogs.  My three "cousins" (my foster parent's grand dogs) were just here for a visit.  We all had a great time!  I am not so good with cats, though.  My foster mom says I am not to be trusted!  I do like to greet all visitors with a wet nose and a tail wag, and I hardly ever bark!  My foster mom also thinks I would be awesome around children.
I go on 2-mile walks with my foster dad.  I don't pull on the leash and I am not super birdy.  I can run up and down all kinds of stairs, and I can jump out of my foster mom's SUV without any help.  I love breakfast, dinner, and raw bones.  I am also a perfect gentleman when I get bathed, brushed or even my nails trimmed.   I sleep in my crate at night and when my foster parents leave for errands or outings during the day.
I really like it that they are retired and I am not alone very often.   My mom thinks I would do best in a home with someone there 24/7.  It just makes me feel safe and happy.  Oh, Mom said to be sure and tell you that fireworks on the Fourth didn't faze me and vacuums don't scare me either.
For an older gentleman who really doesn't know his age, I think I still have lots to offer.  I am a great assistant when Mom is on the computer and love to sit tethered under the shade of the maple tree when she is gardening. Frankly, I am just plain good company!!   The only telltale sign that I am an older gent is that I cannot always tell which direction a voice is coming from.  Yet I can hear when the candy dish is being opened in the living room.  Go figure!
Yours sincerely,
PS:  I really like jellybeans, too, but I don't get them very often!!!

Rick and Connie Wenger hope that sweet Gentle Ben finds a nice, cushy spot in a loving forever home soon!

Ben, we hope you find a forever home that is filled with love very soon!  Steve, Teri and Miss Sophia Sauer