• Adopted: 06-22-11
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 4 yrs
  • Size: 35 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Great companion, like to go places, energetic


Boone is a happy 4 year-old orange belton setter who is the best of both worlds: he is energetic but mature enough to pay attention to commands, be a gentleman out in public, and sleep well at night. On the small side for a setter, he weighs 37 pounds.

Boone spends part of his day in his crate, but sleeps with the family at night (we think he'd sleep on his own if asked). His favorite part of the day is when his people come home. He loves to be part of family activities, going for walks or hikes (he'd be a great running partner), and to the park. He has become a team mascot for the boys' soccer and baseball teams, enjoys going to their games, and gets along well with everybody.

Boone plays nicely with other dogs and loves his foster setter sister, helping her critter-watch in the backyard, or showing her his toy to entice her to play. Outside, he can play a great game of fetch in the backyard. He is our first foster setter to chase a ball and bring it back to us! We think he'd do best with a physical fence, but he has not challenged our four-foot fence. As much as he likes being outside, Boone would often rather be with people. He is a great companion for adults and kids alike.

We've recently discovered just how smart Boone is. In order to be with our kids, Boone quickly figured out how to climb the ladder into the swingset and come down the slide! He has learned to walk nicely on a leash. He will look at you and cock his head to dote on your every word. He understands many commands including "go get a toy" and (one of his favorites)"car ride!".  Boone loves to learn and would enjoy learning more words and tricks with his new forever family.


Steve, Teri and Miss Sydney Sauer hope that Boone finds an active and fun-loving forever family soon!


Jersey (formally ACES Boone) seems completely comfortable.  He goes nuts when we get home, but behaves perfectly when we are gone.  We have given him the run of the house over time.  There have been no problems with accidents or damaging anything.  He sleeps with us and is a total bed-hog, but moves readily when we pat on an alternative spot.  He snuggles for a bit and then stretches out.  In the morning he lets us sleep until it gets to be later.  Then we get a gentle paw on the chest with a little whimper.  Anytime we get home and have something to unload he goes into the (closed) garage and takes a seat in the passenger seat wanting to go for a ride.  We often take him to three area dog parks, which he loves.  He runs like the wind, but surprisingly comes promptly when called.  He comes, sits, gets a drink of water and waits for the command that it is ok to go again.  He is really marvelous.  He avoids larger dogs that seem too aggressive.  He simply passes by quickly and avoids all confrontation or rough play.  Smart boy!  He does like the more mellow dogs that will just stay to visit for a little while.  Of course he likes his walks too, but it's not the same as running free.

Jersey responds to his name nicely and started his invisible fence training.  The trainers are convinced that he has been fence trained before or that he is a genius.  I wouldn't doubt the latter.  He knows the perimeter of the yard and response to the sound by turning around when he gets too close.   He amazes us with his perfect behavior, his sweetness and his beauty.  The vet was also very complimentary of his whole being.  How he lasted 6 month in foster care is surprising to me, but I am so glad that means he is ours now, forever!!!!!   I could not imagine a more perfect dog for us.  Paul and I are really, really happy with our Jersey and I hope to think he is happy with us too. He has us laugh out loud a lot.  He loves to play and is really a constant companion when we are home.

Please pass on to your board how grateful we are for what you all do for this fantastic breed and that we are honored to be adoptees for an ACES dog.