Jersey in his forever home

  • Adopted: 04-05-11
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: June 26,2010
  • Size: 40 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Loves his toys and a warm lap

Jersey is a beautiful 8-month old 40 lb. English Setter, with a very calm and loving disposition. He's an Orange Belton, but his markings have a very light tone, which gives him his unique and distinctive appearance. Jersey has many of the normal behaviors one would expect in a young pup, but he also has some special personality traits. For example, you will immediately notice his generally calm and gentle disposition when in the house. He is alert and active – but far from crazy wild like some pups his age. Jersey is generally cautious in new situations, but he quickly adapts and meets new challenges head-on. Jersey is very well socialized with both people and other dogs. Outside, he loves to run and play with his foster siblings, and at the dog park, he wants to be every other dog's friend.

Jersey is presently at the teething stage, but he is content to chew on his rawhide bones and Kong toys (although we keep our shoes put away, just in case!). He quickly figured out the doggie door, so he makes the most of the freedom to go between outside and inside. This has helped greatly with his house training, as he is currently accident free.

After a long day of running and playing, Jersey sleeps on the bed, where he is perfectly content to curl up at the foot. He sleeps through the night until around 5 am when he's ready to go outside. Thankfully, Jersey is kind enough to snuggle back into bed and let his foster parents finish sleeping.

We believe Jersey will be an "easy puppy" for his adoptive parents, who will have the joy of watching him grow into an amazing, well-behaved adult English Setter. 


Lori Vrabel hopes that Jersey finds a wonderul forever home very soon!


This is our dog, Jersey, adopted from ACES in April 2011.  Here he is enjoying the snow in our backyard on 2/3/14.  Jersey is now 3 years old and he loves to play outside.