• Adopted: 09-08-11
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 51 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: a handsome boy who is very birdie, loves to run, and really wants to please

Bandit is a very attractive two year old tri colored male that weighs 51 lbs. Bandit hasn't met anyone he doesn't like. He is good with everyone, from his foster family to strangers, from adults to children. He also gets along with other dogs and the three resident cats. He can play with everyone without getting too rough. He would really love to chase the cats, but they aren't running so he just sniffs them and tries to get them to play.

Bandit is housetrained and knows how to use the dog door. Bandit is very happy inside or outside during the day. He does not act out when left alone in the house with his setter friends, Birdie and Holly. At night, he goes willingly into his crate and sleeps until morning. Bandit walks well on a training leash and has good recall at the dog park. Bandit is very birdie and would enjoy a fenced backyard where he could spend lots of time watching the birds fly overhead. He is in a six foot fence at his foster home, but the dog park has a four foot fence and Bandit has never tried to jump it. Bandit has learned to wait at doors in the house and car. He sits, with all four paws on the floor until the okay is given and he can go through or come out of the car. He can heel and will sit when you stop.

Bandit doesn't need to be the center of attention but really appreciates being taken for a good long walk. He promises lots of love and setter kisses in return. Though Bandit enjoys being outside, he really prefers people's company and will lie quietly while I work at the computer or in the kitchen. He is an excellent companion dog. Bandit is a real jewel.


Bandit came to us in September 2011 from Reno where he was at a temporary ACES foster home. Since coming to his permanent home in Stockton, CA he has established himself as the Great Uncle of two adoring grandkids. He loves to plat tug-o-war with an old sock and they hang in there with him. He loves to go Bye-Bye or chase the feral cats from our fence. Most of all, he can tell time regardless of the season. He lets me know it is 5 o’clock and it is time for his treat. He also takes his Prednisone so easy. Just stuff the dosage inside a lump of peanut butter and he is happy! He loves his brothers, Quinn (another English Setter rescue) and Taco, the real boss of the animal kingdom. 


Doug and Karen Moreno hope that Bandit finds his perfect forever home very soon!