• Adopted: 02-21-11
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 4 yrs
  • Size: 45 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: sweet. affectionate, smart and wants to be loved


Hank is a sweet affectionate 4 year old boy who is longing for love.  He follows his foster mom all through the house and is content just to be wherever she is.  He lays at her feet and doesn't even mind occasionally getting stepped on when she forgets that he is there.  He sits quietly, holds his head forward for petting and is so happy when someone pets him.  More, please?  Petting is wonderful!
Hank is shy with new people and new situations.  He does not flinch or appear be afraid, he just adopts a "wait and see" attitude.  He takes a little coaxing when strangers come into the house but eventually does warm up enough to be petted.  After he becomes accustomed to people, though, he is perfectly happy to hang out.  He does not seem to be afraid of loud noises like thunder or firecrackers, but he will startle at unexpected noises.  Hank's foster mom thinks that he has probably not been exposed to too many different types of people or places.  He would probably be happier in a quieter household with adults.  
Hank loves to run around outside during the day but is not overly active.  He is content to lie quietly while in the house.  He gets along well with the other dogs in the house.  
Hank weighs about 45 pounds and looks like a pretty solid dog.  When petted, though, it is apparent a lot of the "solid" is actually a very thick coat.  He is slender underneath.  His coat is thick and very soft.  His feathers are long enough to be very handsome but not so long as to get burrs and tangles.  Hank is a very handsome guy with a lot of black markings on his white coat.  He is especially shiny and white after a bath.  
Hank is somewhat birdy and likes to watch out the window at the songbirds at the feeder.  He is naturally polite and wants to please.  He does not appear to have a great deal of obedience training and would benefit from attending a class with his forever people.  Hank is very smart and figures out new situations extremely fast.  He has made no attempt to go over, under, or through the fence and seems content to stay home.  He is very happy when his people come home to be with him and jumps and spins to show his joy.  He is careful not to jump on people, though.  
If you are looking for a loving companion who will give his entire heart to his forever family, then Hank is the guy for you.  Hank is all about love and he is oh so happy when you share a little love with him.


Debbie Meeks hopes Hank will be sharing his abundance of love in a forever home soon!

Jeffrey Headley hopes that Hank will find a loving forever home soon!