• Adopted: 01-04-11
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 4 yrs
  • Size: 72 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Laid back, happy boy, all around good dog. Setter-mix

At first look, you may ask what these dogs are doing in an English Setter rescue, but don’t let looks fool you!  Melvyn and Spenser may not be purebred, but they are the best setter mixes around!  These boys started out with ACES as puppies and were recently returned due to allergies in the home.  Melvyn was born to an English Setter mom while in ACES foster care and we are betting that dad was a Labrador Retriever. Spenser came from a litter of setter mix puppies that ended up in the shelter.  He got his setter speckles from one parent and his handsome hound looks from the other.  While these boys have grown up together, they do not need to be adopted together.

Spenser is an all around good dog.  Laid back would be a good description for him, unless his people are coming home or it’s time for dinner.  In both cases, Spenser prances, wiggles, and wags his tail, waiting for his family to come through the door or his bowl to be put down.  This 4 year old is one easy-to-please canine.

Spenser fit right into his foster home with no adjustments needed.  He took a look around, settled on a dog bed, and has been enjoying his chew bones ever since.  Spenser would be happiest in a home that is as laid back as he is.  He would love to join you on the sofa to watch TV and on your bed for the night, and he settles right under the table at dinner time (no begging, he just sleeps).  Of course, if your rules require that dogs stay on the floor, Spenser will comply and make himself comfortable on a dog bed. Spenser is very low maintenance.  He’s housetrained and always sleeps through the night, even when the other dogs get up to go out.  He’s also been known to sleep in until it’s absolutely certain that breakfast is being served.

Just because Spenser can be described as laid back does not mean he is lazy.  Spenser is a busy boy and can keep himself occupied.  He loves his bones and chew toys and he will play with stuffies.  He also likes to wrestle with the other dogs.  Outside, his setter brothers can outrun him, but Spenser is so smart that he has learned to run for a bit and then wait until they loop back around where he catches them.  Spenser loves to go for walks (seeing the leash is as exciting as seeing his people or the dinner bowl).  He’s strong and can pull so he does better with a harness.  Spenser loves everyone he meets and will quickly be the hit of your neighborhood.

Spenser is a bit heavy at 72 pounds so we’ve put him on a diet and exercise plan, and he is beginning to trim down.  We can now see his waistline!  This boy is no chow hound; he’s happy with his two cups a day and does not try to eat anyone else’s food.

If you are looking for a happy boy to fit perfectly into your home, look no further! Spenser is just waiting for you.


Robert Scherer hopes that Spenser finds his perfect forever home very soon!