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Murdoch with his siblings Marlee, Lincoln and Lizzie

Murdoch with his M-litter siblings, Lincoln and Marlee

Murdoch and Lincoln at the dog park

Murdoch playing at the dog park

Murdoch with Marlee and Lincoln

Murdoch arrives home with his family

Murdoch jogging with his siblings and Dad

  • Adopted: 12-16-11
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 5 yrs
  • Size: 48 lbs
  • Color: Black and White
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Affectionate, playful, loves to run and fetch. Setter-mix

At first look, you may ask what these dogs are doing in an English Setter rescue, but don’t let looks fool you!  Melvyn and Spenser may not be purebred, but they are the best setter mixes around!  These boys started out with ACES as puppies and were recently returned due to allergies in the home.  Melvyn was born to an English Setter mom while in ACES foster care and we are betting that dad was a Labrador Retriever. Spenser came from a litter of setter mix puppies that ended up in the shelter.  He got his setter speckles from one parent and his handsome hound looks from the other.  While these boys have grown up together, they do not need to be adopted together.

Melvyn is the sweetest dog.  When you call him to you and ask for a sit, he will put his bum on the floor and his front paws gently in your lap.  Then, he will shower you with kisses.  In return, he’d like you to ruffle his neck and rub the insides of his ears. Actually, this five year old love bug isn’t too picky about your affection; he’s happy with any loving that you are willing to dole out.

Melvyn has not had the easiest time settling in to foster care.  He has not had any negative behavior issues, but he seems stressed by the changes in his life.  When Melvyn is anxious, he spins and chases his tail.  We don’t know what triggers this activity, but we are working on redirecting Melvyn to another behavior when he starts to spin.  So far, we have been able to refocus him and positively reward the change in behavior.  Since we have been working with him, Melvyn has seemed more relaxed. His anxious behavior does not cause any problems in our home (i.e., he is not destructive or aggressive and can be trusted when we are not home), but we hate to see this wonderful boy stressed in any way.  He is such a good dog; he deserves to be relaxed and happy all the time.  We are working towards this goal.

Most of the time, Melvyn is a playful pup.  He may not look like a setter, but he certainly runs like one.  He completes his initial pass around the yard in a matter of seconds.  And one loop is not enough for this energizer bunny.  He can run and run and run.  As much as Melvyn loves to run, he loves to fetch even more.  If you’ve always been disappointed because your setter is too busy birding to play fetch with you, then Melvyn is your dog.  He will consistently run for the ball, bring it immediately back, and drop it at your feet.  He’s happy to share his game of fetch with our other dogs, but so far, no one has been able to beat him to the ball.  That’s okay, Melvyn is also happy to join in a good game of wrestle and/or chase.  He’s very good with other dogs and will often initiate the play.  He has the cutest play bow/wiggle combination that will entice your dog to join the fun.

Melvyn is looking for a family who has nothing but love and time to give.  He will return your affection ten-fold.


The M litter triplets (Lincoln, Marlee and Merlin) are all doing great!  8 and great!  

Murdoch still wants to spin when the energy level around the house rises, or there are noises that trigger him, but we've taught him to "assume the position!", which really means he runs and sits on the kitchen mat between us and the sink. It's a secure spot, and sometimes he'll just run there on his own when he hears an unsettling noise. It's the cutest thing. He is so sincere in everything he does, and gives everything his 110%. So endearing!


Hello to all who helped get Melvyn home! Sorry for the delay in getting an update out to you all. Would it help to know we've been spending time with Melvyn? :)

Melvyn (now Murdoch) is settling in here VERY well. There have been very little tense moments between any of the dogs, and Murdoch is definitely the family social butterful at the dog park. He's been a wonderful addition to our pack. Amazingly, our border crossings were probably the easiest we've experienced in recent memory, so Murdoch's angels were definitely watching over him!

We can't thank you enough for all that you've done to get Murdoch to us and his forever home. We realize that you sacrificed personal time and expense to transport him, and that is priceless. Our deepest gratitude to Ann, as well, for getting the transport filled and accomplished at an impossible time. You are truly a miracle worker! Bless you all in your continued work to save needy dogs.

Glenda and Mark and our Canadian Crew - Lizzie, Lincoln, Marlee and now - Murdoch!



Jodi Jenkins and Angie Howard hope Melvyn will soon find a forever home where he can relax and play ball as much as he wants.