• Adopted: 12-21-10
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 45 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Playful, active, beautiful temperament, a fantastic dog!

Meet Slim Jim! He is a handsome, two year old black and white setter and is as playful as a puppy! Slim Jim came from a shelter in Kentucky and probably has not lived in a home prior to coming to ACES. Initially, he was curious about everything in the house and uneasy about things like stairs, doors, televisions etc. but has settled right in over the past couple of weeks. This boy is a delightful dog!

His foster family owns a doggy daycare and he has enough energy to romp around with the other dogs all day, every day. He has a beautiful temperament and enjoys each dog he meets. He would love to find a family with a large back yard and another playful dog to wrestle with. If he is an only dog, he will need a daily outlet for all of his energy such as playing fetch, long walks or trips to doggy daycare. If you want a couch potato who tuckers out after a twenty minute daily walk, Slim Jim is not your guy! Click here to see Slim Jim in action.

Slim Jim is a good leash walker when using his gentle leader head collar and loves to be outdoors. He is fully housetrained and does well when visiting other homes too. Slim Jim does like to chew. If he has a chew toy, he will stay out of trouble but if one is not around, he is likely to look for something else he finds tasty! His foster family will be sending him home with a Kong and his favorite bone so he will come fully equipped.

Slim Jim has had a few experiences with cats and kids. He seems to do fine with both. He had his Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house that had cats and was more interested in the turkey than the cats. He loves food which makes him highly trainable. He will learn any new trick for a couple of pieces of kibble.

Slim Jim will be a great pet dog, as long as he is kept active. After he has had a good amount of exercise for the day, he will curl up in his crate, chew on a bone for a few minutes and snooze the night away. Slim Jim is an example of why rescuing a dog is so fantastic....he comes trained and housebroken. The only thing he needs now is a loving family!


Jeffrey Headley hopes that Slim Jim finds his forever home soon!