• Adopted: 11-01-10
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2-4 yrs
  • Size: 45 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Calm, well-behaved, easy-going and lovable

Troo is a gorgeous orange Belton setter, estimated to be 2-4 years old and weighs 45 lbs.  White with lots of dark orange spots, and a pair of frosty white eyelashes, Troo is a healthy and beautiful dog. She is sweet and loving towards people – family and strangers alike.

One of the first things we discovered about Troo was how important “safe places” are to her. Almost immediately upon her arrival, she quickly designated three of them in our house – one on each level. It seems she considers her bed tucked into the corner of the master closet as home base, but then rotates between the other two throughout the day, based on household activity and how seriously she needs to nap.  Troo is a very calm and controlled pup.  Her “nesting” instinct is also apparent. Once she established her special Troo-spaces, we noticed how she quietly went about personalizing them, gently borrowing some cuddly house slippers to add some fluff to her bed, for instance.

Troo is exceptionally well-behaved in her role as a house pet, with absolutely no housetraining issues and no inappropriate chewing or other destructive behaviors. Troo has never barked in our presence – only the rare whimper or whine to get our attention for something she wants or needs. She gets along very well with her two foster siblings, always ready for a morning play session – but never too rough. Her setter foster-sibling actually seems to like that this particular foster guest is invisible much of the time and not intent on sharing her night time bed (with mom & dad).

Outdoors, Troo shows a more independent side of her personality, but still with excellent manners. We have had no landscaping destruction challenges or noticed any digging at all. She walks fairly well on a  leash, though if she gets startled or nervous it seems her most common reaction is to freeze rock solid. Once settled in her forever home, we would expect her to respond well to obedience training.

Troo feels right at home at the off-leash dog park near our home, alternating between running, hunting and resting peacefully in the grass. On busy days, Troo can be quite the celebrity - being friendly and curious of both people and dogs, and sporting her “adopt me” vest, she gets lots of attention. She turns heads – human and canine alike – with her beautiful coat and markings, her graceful gait and striking good looks. She loves to romp in the tall grass as well as run in the open field, pausing occasionally to stare down a flock of birds flying overhead or some ground critter nearby.

Troo is one of the most easy-going and lovable setters we have had the pleasure to foster, and would make a wonderful addition to her forever home, for many years to come.


Jeffrey Headley hopes Troo is soon looking for special Troo-spaces in her forever home


 Here are a few shots of True, at the park and where she hangs out on a bed in my office with an old stuffed puppy that she likes to use as a pillow sometimes. We changed the spelling of her name, because we think she's a true sweetheart.