• Adopted: 05-29-10
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Size: 35 lbs
  • Color: Liver
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: sweet, very trainable, and eager to please

As soon as Sue breezes into view, you notice that she is an adorable setter.  Sue is a petite girl and weighs about 35 pounds.  She is mostly white with a spattering of brown spots and a large liver patch over one eye.  She is 3 years old, but she is still holding onto her puppy charisma.  When inside with her family, she loves to cuddle on the couch or find a quiet spot to snooze.  But when she is outside in the yard for playtime, she will amaze you with her speed and stamina.  Sue is the happiest when she is chasing butterflies in the yard on a nice afternoon.  You can almost see her smile as soon as the door opens for her to go outside.

Sue is not a barker, but she does communicate with you.  She will give a little bark once in a while to let you know that she is having a good time.  If she wants you to play, she will give you the most precious little howl to get your attention.  It almost sounds like she is trying to talk to you.  Sue can be trusted to lounge around in the house while her family is gone for a few hours.  Since she was crate-trained as a puppy, she is will use a crate, if needed.  At night she likes to curl up on the end of the bed and keep your feet warm, but if asked she will sleep on her dog bed.

Sue is a bashful girl.  It takes her a few minutes to warm up to a stranger, but after she has checked someone out she will wiggle about to get some attention and love.  There is a toddler in Sue’s family, and she has done very well with him.  She usually tries to stay out of his way, except for when he blows bubbles for her to chase in the yard.  It is her favorite game to play.  There is an older dog in Sue’s family, and she interacts well with her.  Sue usually does not initiate play with our other dog, but she will happily play if she is invited.

Sue has not had any formal training, but she is very trainable and eager to please.  She understands “sit” and will usually come when called.  She could use some work on her leash manners, but she really does enjoy a walk with her family.  There is nothing better than all of those new smells and things to see on a walk.  Sue is as sweet as they come and will make a very loving addition to a lucky family.


Pam Miller hopes that Sue breezes her way into a loving forever home soon!