• Adopted: 07-02-10
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 9/04/03
  • Size: 24 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: a lot of Setter in a small package

Sometimes big surprises come in small packages – and that describes Spunky perfectly. Spunky is a petite girl, 24 pounds and 18” height to the shoulder, and everything about her is 100% English Setter! From her birdiness and perfect-point to her work-the-yard-by-day-cuddle-by-night nature (or really any other trait commonly associated with English Setters), she’s got it.

Outside during the day, Spunky is a very busy girl. She is constantly in motion patrolling the perimeter of the yard, sniffing the ground and pointing out birds. At our neighborhood dog park, she is a tireless runner, giving chase to any bird who flees her intense point and running the fence lines.

Inside, she maintains a watchful eye out the windows, only taking light naps during the day. In the evenings, after a long day of protecting the backyard from birds, she loves to snuggle up on the couch with her foster mom or in her foster dad’s lap in the lounging chair. If we’re lucky, we might even get a quick Eskimo kiss. At bedtime, Spunky has every expectation that she belongs not just on the bed, but underneath the covers at the foot of the bed. She loves to burrow under the covers where she feels safe and secure, resurfacing sometime in the middle of the night to spend the rest of the night up top.

Spunky is 6 years old and has spent most of her life as an only dog, so socializing will be an ongoing process. She’s not a puppy anymore and a little set in her ways, but she’s slowly warming up to her foster sisters and their silly games. For example, Spunky will sometimes take a break to play the “run in circles game” with her Setter sister in the backyard. However, at the dog park, she’ll get a little annoyed when her Sheltie foster sister attempts to herd her while she’s busy stalking and pointing all the birds. When she’s inside, she loves to play games like catch and tug-of-war.

Spunky has the personality of many birdy setters. On one hand, she is independent and not overtly affectionate when she’s “at work” - she hardly stands still long enough to be petted. But when it’s time to come indoors after plenty of exercise, she is quite bonded with her family. She loves her comfort zones, especially a morning nap on the couch or in a lap (she’s actually small enough for that). Even when working at the dog park, Spunky is very aware of where we are at all times, and though she may wander off to explore, she keeps a close eye out for home base.

Spunky is a very well behaved dog in the house. She is completely housetrained and doesn’t engage in any of those pesky puppy behaviors like chewing things. She is very obedient, following voice commands without hesitation. Spunky does try to counter surf at times but really doesn’t have much success since she’s so tiny. She could use some training to walk comfortably on a leash; like most birdy setters, she will pull if she spots a bird (which is pretty often this time of year).

Spunky is trained on an invisible fence, and she also does well with our physical fence. Spunky deserves a home where she will get plenty of chances to run out some of that Setter energy.

Given her intense focus when outside, and her slender, light-weight frame, Spunky is not likely to be characterized as a cuddly teddy bear. For that reason, the ideal home for her probably would not include younger kids, who may be expecting a dog to play and snuggle with. Spunky acclimated to her foster home quickly and has become a lively and fun part of our family. Likewise, we believe she will make a loyal and active addition to that special family looking for a lot of Setter in a small package.


Spunky has been with us over 4 yrs. now.  She was 10 years old last September.  She is a delight to us and I feel she is right at home with our active agenda for her.  She loves to exercise more than food. Up in Virginia, she runs three miles, five days a week with my husband while he bikes---she goes 16 mph.  The weekends there are just 30 minute walks. 

In Florida, Spunky goes to the dog park every day; the park is 2 miles from our home there.  She is not too interested in the dogs, but she loves to chase the lizards.  Spunky has become more socialable  with dogs, but still is not big for petting by strangers.  I was walking her recently in a park and a couple of well-groomed men said, "beautiful dog", Spunky put her nose up and walked on by and I answered, "Yes, and she know it!   We all had a good laugh.  We love her dearly.

Thank you for all the love you give to the setters and their future owners.


Deby Meeks and family hope that Spunky will be patrolling the backyard of her forever home soon!