• Adopted: 03-08-10
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: October 30, 2009
  • Size: 21 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: A handsome little mama's boy. Holden is deaf.

Introducing the “H” litter … Halle, Harper and Holden!  These pups were born on October 30, 2009, and are full of puppy pranks and playfulness.  All three puppies are deaf.  They can overwhelm the older dogs but love to run, play, tug, and wrestle with anyone who wants to play.  They like to snuggle when they get tired, but are usually too busy playing and exploring to enjoy cuddling for long.  They are just starting house-training and are learning to keep all four feet on the floor for a treat.  Their attention span is short and the three can rarely focus on the same thing at the same time.  If one is learning to sit for a treat, another derails the training session with a full body tackle.  There’s never a dull moment for the “H” pups.  The world is full of wonder and happiness is living every moment to the fullest.  We’re working on normal puppy behaviors: jumping up, chewing, being mouthy with sharp puppy teeth.  These pups have too much puppy enthusiasm for a home with young children.  Adopters will be required to attend a positive-reinforcement style puppy class.

Holden is a handsome blue boy, weighing 21 lbs.  He plays well with his sisters but will lie on his bed and watch when the girls get too crazy.  Holden is a talkative boy who tends to complain when he doesn’t get what he wants.  He can also be a bit of a mama’s boy.  Holden likes to be lifted off the sofa instead of jumping; he wants to be picked up when his feet get cold in the snow; and he wants someone to save him when Halle plays too rough.  Holden has a calmer personality and will slow down long enough to enjoy a snuggle, but he is still all puppy.

Holden learned how to use the doggy door the first time he saw the older dogs disapper into the yard.  When we’re all outside, Holden is always ready to go back in first, so he heads inside through the doggy door.  That is, until he realizes he’s the only one in the house, so out he comes again only to repeat the process in another 5 minutes.  Holden doesn’t like to be left alone and doesn’t do well in a crate, so a home with a friendly doggy companion and someone who is home during the day would be best for him.    


Robert Pelc and his favorite setter girl Daisy hope that Holden finds a wonderful forever home soon!