• Adopted: 10-30-10
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: October 30, 2009
  • Size: 30 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: A tri-colored picture of cuteness. Harper is deaf.

Harper is the tri-colored picture of cuteness. At 6 months, she gets cuter every day. This gorgeous deaf girl will keep you laughing with her goofy personality. Harper is a happy dog who loves everyone and just assumes everyone feels the same about her.   Harper likes to make friends with the older dogs and she thinks the cat is thrilled to see her each morning (even though nothing could be further from the truth for the cat).

Harper is making progress with house-training, although she still has a few accidents. She's learning the hand signals for sit, eat, off, wait, no, and good dog.  Harper loves to chew and will find things to chew on that you didn't even know you had.  When you ask her to give up her treasure, she'll drop it quickly to trade for a treat.   She loves to bring sticks from the yard inside through the doggy door.   Harper loves a challenge: she once brought a full-size broom through the doggy door.  Then she came running to show her foster mom, quite proud of herself.  She loves to show everyone her treasures whether it be a dog bone, a stick, a ball, a rock, or a broom.  She makes gurgling, growly sounds while she walks around showing everyone the prize she's holding, wiggling and wagging all the way.

Harper is learning house manners.  She's an enthusiastic pup who likes to jump up when she gets excited and she considers it a sign of friendship to take your hand in her mouth.  For that reason, Harper would do best with children aged 10 or older.  Harper also likes to be the first one out the door, so she has to be watched closely when opening doors.  Harper will do great in a positive reinforcement-type puppy class.  She loves working for treats, and has enough patience and attention span to really enjoy learning.

Harper likes  to snuggle, give puppy kisses, and nibble on your ears. When she slows down from playing, she loves to spend time with her people and her canine siblings. She likes to nap in your bed, on your pillows. When her foster mom is at the PC, Harper likes to jump into the chair behind her and lie down.

Harper's perfect home would have a playful canine sibling.  She loves companionship and will play with all who show an interest.  If the play gets too rough, Harper runs to safety, making a running leap into your lap.

Harper is a good-natured girl who likes to greet you with a smile, a full body wiggle, and a furiously wagging tail.  She wrinkles her little nose and shows her top teeth when she thinks you can be convinced to give her a treat.  Who can resist an adorable puppy grin?


We hope you'll be smiling at your forever family very soon!  Steve, Teri and Miss Sydney Sauer