RUSTY (2 yr-old)


Rusty with Dad

Rusty snuggling with Dad

Handsome Rusty

Rusty's forever family portrait

Rusty with his favorite toys

  • Adopted: 11-01-10
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 42 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Rusty loves getting affection and promises to give a lifetime of love back.

Hello! I'm Rusty and I'm two years old. I've learned so much since coming into ACES foster care. I used to live outdoors in a kennel, but now I have a family and a house to keep me safe and warm. I also used to be skinny and afraid of everything. Now, I've filled out and love my people, my foster siblings, and even the cat. I weigh 42 pounds. I like my food, but I really like the treats I get for being a good boy!

With lots of love from my foster family, I have learned a lot about living inside of a house. I love living inside the warmth of a home and sleeping on a fluffy doggie bed. I like the security of my crate at night. Sometimes when I smell food, I get the urge to counter surf for leftovers. I was very good the night of the "cookie exchange." I left the cookies alone and only ate a piece of cheese that a lady dropped on the floor. She said that I was a good vacuum cleaner.

At first I was growly around the other dogs in my foster home. I've now learned that no one is going to hurt me and my behavior has improved. I've even learned to step gingerly over my foster setter sister while she sleeps! I think would be happiest as the only dog or with an easy-going doggie sibling. I really like this thing called "affection." I like to have my head petted, my tummy rubbed and my chin scratched. And "cuddles" are so nice! I really like when the grandchildren (age 5 and older) come to visit. They're so much fun, I just love them to pieces! I've also been spending more time with Boots, the cat who lives here.

I do very well outside where I can run around on an acre of land enclosed by a 6 foot wall. There is a four foot wall in the front yard, and I'm very curious about what is on the other side. I will need at least a five foot fence in my adoptive home. I love to chase birds and one day I even caught a quail! I am also learning to play with the toys and with the other dogs. I never had any toys before; balls and squeaky things frightened me at first, but I watched Annie and Sundance, my foster siblings, play. It looked like fun and finally one day I picked up a big ball and ran with it. Annie chased me, but she couldn't catch me. I'm very fast! I had the best time and now I just love toys. I sometimes get confused and one day I pulled a sweatshirt off the clothesline and was running with it in the yard. My foster Dad told me that just because it had a UConn basketball on it, it was NOT a toy! Don't worry about your things, though, I've never chewed on anything like shoes or furniture, and I'm housetrained. My foster mom says I'm a darling!

I am just learning to walk on a leash. I pull a lot when I go for a walk because there is so much to see out in the world and I am very curious. I must say that I am a smart boy. I want to learn about everything. I certainly would like to attend a "doggie school." I'm sure I would get excellent grades. I think we would have fun going together.

I would love to have a forever home with a family who would love me. I promise to give you a lifetime of love back.


Pam Miller hopes that Rusty will find his forever family soon!


Rusty has come a long way since we fostered him.  He is such a joy to us and everyone who comes into our home.  He has a laundry basket full of stuffed animals that he grabs in his mouth (like a real bird dog.)  Then he roos as he brings them to us. He amuses all our guests, especially kids!  Friends keep bringing him more animals for his basket.  He loves animals with long legs that dangle, like monkeys, horses, & cows.  He is so funny!  Ray and I are so happy that we adopted him.