• Adopted: 01-14-10
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 7/2009
  • Size: 42 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Kepler is a beautiful, 6-month old puppy, who is amazingly smart and well behaved.

Kepler is a beautiful, 6-month old English Setter, who is an amazingly smart and well behaved puppy. From the minute Kepler walked through the door, he made himself right at home! After spending 2 months at a local animal shelter, Kepler was pretty excited to finally have his own home, complete with a yard and comfy dog bed! In a short amount of time, we have discovered some of the many things that make Kepler such a special dog.

Kepler has many of the normal behaviors one would expect in a young pup, but he also has some unique personality traits. For example, you will immediately notice his generally calm disposition. He is alert and active – but far from crazy wild like some pups his age. He is very patient, waiting his turn for whatever comes next (except maybe at meal time). He is curious, and not the least bit fearful, of all the new things he discovers each day.

Kepler is presently at the teething stage, so he’s chewing a lot (watch where you leave your shoes). He can spend hours gnawing on rawhide dog bones (and sometimes he even hides them in the backyard to save for future use!). We have not noticed him digging at all and only barks while at play. He quickly figured out the doggie door, so he makes the most of the freedom to go between outside and inside at will which has made potty training a breeze!

Kepler is crate-trained, and in fact, his crate is where he spent the first two nights at his new foster home. However, considering that his foster mom is such a softie, Kepler has been allowed to sleep on the bed with his foster parents for the rest of the time. He sleeps through the night until around 6 am when he’s ready to go outside. But after doing his business, he is kind enough to snuggle back into bed and let his foster parents finish sleeping.

Kepler is very well socialized with both people and other dogs. He loves to romp and play with his foster siblings and has no trouble recognizing their spaces and needs. At the dog park, he is everyone’s best friend – dog and human alike. Kepler’s English Setter instincts are starting to emerge, although he has yet to fully develop his interest in birds and wildlife. It is fun to watch him mimic some of the behaviors of his older foster-sibling Setter. He has already learned how much fun it is to prance and jump through the tall grass of the fields and woods!

Since he’s a puppy, Kepler still has a lot to learn. He walks pretty well on a leash, comes when he’s called (for the most part), and has learned to sit on command. Kepler does tend to jump on people, but he has learned that sitting is the only way that he’ll get a dog treat or his food bowl at dinner time, so he is making progress! Kepler also tends to try and jump on the counters to see what wonderful treats are waiting up high, but again, for a puppy that has had no prior training, he is learning very fast!

We believe Kepler will be an “easy puppy” for his adoptive parents, who will have the joy of watching him grow into an amazing, well-behaved adult English Setter.


Kepler sends a big ROO to his new friend, Jeffrey Headley