• Adopted: 05-16-10
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 6-7 yrs
  • Size: 43 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: A gentle girl looking for love

Meet Miss Daisy, a gentle girl looking for love.  After becoming an ACES girl, Daisy settled into her foster home quickly, finding a quiet safe space to hang out.  She likes people to come to her and hang out, rolling over and stretching for big belly rubs and rewarding you with kisses on the nose.  With some encouragement and some treats Daisy has found that she likes to hang out with her foster family more and more.  Found as a stray, this girl is not used to human kindness but is a fast learner.

 Daisy gets along well with her four foster siblings, all of whom are independent dogs.  At first, Daisy was quick to let other dogs know when she doesn’t want them in her space but that only lasted a day or two.  Daisy would do best with calm, friendly canine siblings that enjoy companionship but won't insist on constant playing.  Daisy’s favorite things to do are chew nylabones, take long naps next to the bed and race around the yard looking for squirrels.  She also loves treats and dinnertime.  In the yard, Daisy is a typical setter running, exploring and looking for birds.  Daisy loves to run in her foster home’s half-acre fenced yard.  Because Daisy was a stray, she may take the opportunity to run free if she gets the chance.  Therefore, Daisy’s forever family must have a securely fenced yard where she can run safely. 

 Daisy has not been walked much on a leash but does pretty well in a harness.  Daisy sometimes has an accident after a long day at home alone.  She would love a forever family that won't have to leave her alone for long work days.  Working part-time or from home would fit perfectly with Daisy's desire get outside a little more frequently. 

 Daisy is basically an un-carved block.  She’s a very gentle dog who doesn’t ask for much but has enormous potential to be a really wonderful companion.  A positive-reinforcement training program would be a tremendous gift to Daisy to help build her confidence.  She thrives on affection and praise.  This sweet little daisy just needs someone patient enough to let her bloom in her own time.

People who have met Daisy have liked her immediately.  Something about her gentle nature, her supersoft fur and her friendliness just grabs people right away.  Daisy is a dog you'll want relax with after a long day: belly rubs for her and gentle kisses for you.  Who could ask for more?  


Deb O'Day and her setters, Clancey and Barkley, hope that Daisy finds her forever home soon.

UPDATE 12/10

Here is an update on Daisy.  She is doing beautifully in our home.  She is a love.  Daisy has a playmate next door, a German Shepherd named Kaya, who she runs around the yard with.  She goes with us in the car on errands.  Also she was at Big Boulder in the Poconos for two long weekends and did great.  One weekend she did see a flock of turkeys.  She was very interested in them.  We are trying to get her to play with toys but she isn't interested yet.  Maybe that will come later.  All our friends are crazy about her.  She gets along with everyone.  Loves to run in our fenced in yard and chase squirrels and chippies.

UPDATE 12/12

Daisy has made our life so wonderful.  She is a lovely girl and has us trained just the way she wants us.  Daisy enjoys her yard so much.  She spends many hours outside watching for chippies and bunnies.  My husband, Dick, and Daisy each have their own vegetable gardens.  Dick's has many plants, Daisy only has two plants and they manage to survide with her sailing through her garden.  She doesn't jump the low fence and get into Dick's garden.  Daisy likes to greet our guests when they come and then go lay down.  A little bit later she will get up and greet them again.  She does enjoy going to Big Boulder for weekends and is so well behaved up there.  The deer don't bother her, just the wild turkeys!!  She doesn't eat dog treats but does love that ring bologna.  In fact she is getting a ring for Christmas plus a new sheepskin.  Thanks and have a Happy Holiday Season.