• Adopted: 06-28-10
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Size: 48 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Ringo loves to run, but he is also a very sweet and gentle boy who gets along with other dogs.

Ringo is a 3 year old, 48 lb. male setter who has a LOT of energy! He loves to run, but he is also a very sweet and gentle boy who gets along with other dogs. He does well with our cats too, but he'll sometimes give one of them an occasional goose or follow them in a small game of chase. Since Ringo is so birdy, we would not recommend him for a home with caged birds.

Ringo has spent some time in an outdoor kennel and is currently brushing up on his housetraining. He is a bright boy and has done well once he understands what is expected. He is a little bit shy, but very eager to do the right thing. He would enjoy a family that will give him a chance to get some exercise by running in the yard or jogging with you on-leash. Ringo has jumped a 4-5 foot fence so he will need to go to a home with a 6 foot fence or an invisible fence. Ringo does well in a crate during the day. He will gladly sleep alongside your bed, awaiting your day to begin!

Update 12/20/2009

Ringo has shown himself to be a very snuggly and kissy boy. He enjoys his people time as well as his playtime and wrestling time with other dogs. He never takes the dominant role, always allowing the others to take it. He plays gently with our 10# chihuahua mix, lying on his side and nudging around, nibbling on his legs. He still gooses the kitties, occasionally giving a brief chase. He has soft-mouthed them, but has never bitten or tackled them. (We have 8 cats of various demeanors!)

We are still treating Ringo as if he is an older pup in the house-training department. He is generally getting the idea that he is to not go to the bathroom in the house, but if left unsupervised, he may have an accident. Unless he is at our side, we have been crate training him. (We have tried tethering him to us, but he quietly chews through the leash as he lies next to you.) We go outside with him and use positive reinforcement when he potties appropriately. He does need to burn off energy outside...we have found that he is capable of jumping a four-foot chain link fence. (He was a good boy and came back right away.)  However, that was very early in the fostering experience...and as he and we have become more comfortable with each other, have not found this to be a problem again. We would encourage a leash for your first few weeks, however! We have also found that he has a fondness for remote controls. Ringo has been getting used to normal house noises. At first the air popcorn popper was quite scary; now, he tolerates it pretty well! He is still not a big fan of the washing machine's spin cycle!

 All in all, Ringo is a very sweet pup who is trying really hard to be THE special dog for someone...is that someone YOU???


Ringo, I hope you find a wonderful family with a mom as devoted as mine! Biscuit and his mom, Marsha Heller