Ziva with Dad and brother Zeke

Ziva in her forever home

Ziva with her brother Zeke

Ziva in her forever home with Zeke and Dad

  • Adopted: 01-25-10
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 9 months
  • Size: 25 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Playfulness and personality are the name of the game for this petite 9-month old sweetheart.

Meet Ziva, a petite tri-color 9 month old 35-lb. girl, with long graceful legs like a fawn. Ziva came to ACES with a broken back leg, which was already starting to heal incorrectly (the broken ends of the bone overlapped). ACES took her to an orthopedic surgeon, who recommended a month of staying off her leg. After a month of rest, the surgeon believed the leg healed well enough that surgery was not required. Because of the way the bone healed, this leg is 20-30% shorter than her other back leg; however, it is definitely usable. Since it’s shorter, Ziva doesn’t use this leg as much so it may never be as strong as her other legs.

Ziva is a little timid around new places and things. Once she settles in, she is happy and full of life. Ziva can be quite the puppy, making up for the lost time while her leg was healing. She loves to play and explore everything so puppy-proofing is a must. Ziva does well in a crate while her foster mom is at work.  Because Ziva is full of exuberance and puppy pranks, she would do best with calm gentle older children.

Ziva is a very social young lady and needs tolerant playful canine siblings in her new home. She would do best with dogs who like to play as much as she does. She loves to stalk and pounce on her playmates, and then wrestle for a while before chasing around the yard again. Ziva can be relentless in her efforts to find someone to play with, so Ziva’s perfect family will have at least one tolerant playful young dog. When worn out from a day at play, Ziva likes nothing better than to curl up for a nap with a friend. She’s happy to share a dog bed and use a doggy sibling as a pillow. Ziva doesn’t need to be crated overnight and will sleep with you or on a dog bed in your room.

Ziva uses a doggy door (which is only open when foster mom is home) and is doing pretty well with house-training. If the doggy door is closed (or if it’s raining), she's still learning to tell you when she needs to go out. Ziva comes when called, but is still learning other basics. She hasn’t yet learned to sit and lie down (because of her broken leg), so we are starting at first base with training. Ziva would do well with a basic manners class using positive reinforcement style training methods. Ziva will require a yard with a physical fence; no invisible/underground fences.

Ziva also has both food and seasonal allergies. She is doing well on prescription allergen-free food. As the weather turns colder, her seasonal allergies have faded but her scratching and skin irritation can be intense. Ziva’s itching and hot spots will require close attention during allergy season.

Ziva is quite vocal for such a little girl. While she doesn’t bark much, she does like to talk. She’s not shy about telling you what she thinks. Ziva uses a wide range of moans, groans, whines, and unique doggy sounds to communicate with you. She also loves to run back and forth between your legs. As you walk down the hallway, here comes Ziva, shooting through your legs to get into the lead. Ziva definitely has a personality all her own.

Ziva also loves her people.  She becomes quite attached and looks to you for courage, as well as cuddling.  This little girl will fit right in your lap and she loves to nap there.  Ziva’s looking for a family committed to handling her allergies, with doggy siblings to play with, and who will treasure her unique personality.


Steve and Teri Sauer hope to see Ziva have long, lanky, dancin' legs like their Sydney
Deb O'Day and her setters, Clancey and Barkley
, hope that Ziva gets well soon


Ziva is WONDERFUL!! Check out the pictues - she and Zeke are always together and he's played more in the past few weeks than in hi sfirst 6 years, and loves it!  The neighbors (people and dogs) have all been over to meet her and she's been excellent with all the activity. We are all delighted to be together.

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