• Adopted: 02-28-10
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 1yr
  • Size: 40 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Come play!

Guess what Fluke got for his first birthday? A HOUSE! This young boy was a kennel dog before coming to ACES. Now, he is learning to love everything about being a pampered pet. Fluke is a sleek little fellow weighing in at only 40 lbs., but he is not short on love. Fluke loves to be part of the family, wanting to join you in whatever you do: dishes, laundry, yard work, walking. He just wants to be included. Fluke would do well with all types of families. He would be fine as an only dog in a quiet household or as part of a rowdy group of dogs and children.

Fluke is looking for a family of any kind, and they only need two things: LOVE and a TOY BOX. His favorite pastime is clearing all his toys out of his toy box and playing with each and every one of them. He can spend hours entertaining himself with his toys. Now, if only we could figure out how to train him to put them back! Fluke also likes to play with our other dogs.

Fluke is one unique little setter; he was born without a tail. Obviously, the lack of a tail doesn't cause Fluke any problems. He doesn't miss it at all! He is such a happy dog that his tiny little end wags at 100 miles an hour. He could power a city with his happy waggle! And wait until you hear his ROO! He'll greet you with a big ROO when you come home; he is so excited to see his family.

Fluke loves to play in the backyard, but he can clear a four foot chain link fence so a tall fence will be necessary. As you can see in the pictures, our birdy boy loves the bird feeder we put up. Fluke is very trainable and knows how to sit and walk on a leash. He sits so pretty waiting for his meal in the morning and evening. He is crate trained and goes to bed in the evening without a peep. If you are looking for a companion and a friend for you and your family, you could not find a better dog than playful Fluke!


From one adorable short-tailed setter to another, be proud of your uniqueness!!  Sending speedy adoption wishes for the perfect family who'll love you just the way you are.  Short-tailed setters rule!
Nigel Sowers (and the rest of the Sowers Setters household)

UPDATE 12/10


I just wanted to take few quick moments to update everyone on our little guy. We adopted Fluke in February, and we've been having a great time ever since. Our journey with him started by picking him up in Wheeling, WV, which is conveniently only 30 minutes from the college where my husband and I met 14 years ago as freshmen. Our first walk as a family was literally the first walk that John and I ever had together! Since he's come home with us, he's enjoyed an ever growing collection of toys that he likes to pull out of his toy box and bring to us to play. Every morning he gets a nice walk, and John has enjoyed upping his running time every evening with Fluke. Fluke has improved John's 5K performance by several minutes! Fluke also has his own bird feeder on the back porch, which he likes to sit under and gaze at with wonder. And, I'm sad to report, on one of my less attentive walks, his birdiness got the best of a local winged creature, resulting in the death of a young sparrow. Since then I've been careful to make sure we keep a good distance between him and our feathered friends. Fluke has made many friends at the dog park, and especially enjoys when his dog walker brings pals along for walks. However, if he's presented with an especially juicy looking squirrel, chances are that his dog friends are left feeling a little lonely. And we've mastered explaining why we just simply can't let him off leash to play in un-fenced park. Fluke's lack of a tail (he was born without one) provides a good introduction to many other English setter families who just can't believe we got away with cutting it off! They quickly learn that Fluke's lack of tail is a fluke only and that he's otherwise a perfect little setter. Speaking of little, the little guy is perpetually underweight and perpetually eating. We've become experts in calorie counting for him, but in the opposite direction of our own counting. He gets to eat as many calories as he can! Fluke has also enjoyed several vacations. He's visited my Grandmother's farm in Pennsylvania where he loves to walk the wooded hunting areas. He's seen the sights in historical Philadelphia, and he's accompanied us on countless hikes. In the evenings Fluke likes to sneak into bed, and in the mornings he wakes us with a nose to the face...and we're up to do it all again. In short, we're thankful for Fluke, for his foster family, for those that brought him to us, and for all of our days with him. 

Liz and John