• Adopted: 04-02-10
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 65 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: No
  • Traits: Heart on his sleeve

Brinkley is a handsome two year old field setter.  At 65 pounds, this big boy looks like he is full of confidence.  In reality, Brinkley is a sensitive pup who wears his heart on his sleeve.  Brinkley has seen his share of changes in the past six months.  All of these changes have resulted in a very confused pup. Our first order of business was to make Brinkley feel secure and settled in his foster home.

Brinkley was very anxious when he came to ACES.  At first, you may think that Brinkley has separation anxiety.  He is fine when crated at night, but he may become anxious when crated during the day.  You may think that Brinkley has stranger anxiety.  Sometimes, he greets new people at the door with a sniff and a wagging tail.  Other times, he may back away and bark loudly.  You may think that Brinkley is hand-shy.  He may duck when you reach to pet him, but he often comes up to you for loving.  It may seem easy to label Brinkley, but Brinkley's anxiety does not come from any specific cause nor does he become anxious each and every time the cause is present.  We have finally figured out that Brinkley becomes anxious when he is in a situation that he does not know how to handle.

The good news is that we are teaching him how to handle the situations that make him uncomfortable.  Brinkley is now able to spend the day in his crate. When we leave for the day, Brinkley goes in his crate with a biscuit and a couple of chew toys and lies down.  Sometimes we'll find him hanging out in the crate with the door open when everyone is home.  Whenever a new person comes to the house, Brinkley is learning that they come bearing yummy treats. He's still not confident that everyone is a friend, but he's making good progress.  Brinkley's dilemma about who is a friend and who is a foe applies to other dogs as well.  He gets along with two of our dogs, but for some reason, he feels threatened by our third dog.  Brinkley would feel more secure as the only dog in his adoptive family.

Brinkley is not much of a bird dog.  (Shush!  Don't tell the other setters!)  When he's in the backyard, he turns into more of a "scent hound."  He sticks his nose in the air and catches all the great smells blowing by.  You can find him happily lying in the grass and enjoying the day.  For exercise, Brinkley likes a game of fetch with the tennis ball.  But, loving is really Brinkley's sport...and it's a full contact sport for him.  He will bow his head into you and lean his body in for a full body hug.  He loves to have the inside of his ears rubbed, to have his muzzle cradled and the sides of his face stroked, and to have his back and hind end scratched.  Brinkley is a very obedient dog.  He can sit on a dime, responds when you tell him to "go lie down," and likes to shake your hand.

We are very proud of the progress that Brinkley has made so far.  Brinkley is looking for an adoptive home that can continue to help him feel secure and gain confidence.  He needs a calm home with routine, a place where he will know what to expect next...and will enjoy what's coming up.  A home with older kids, above the age of 12, would be best.  Brinkley wants nothing more than a family to love him and provide him with a positive environment where he can thrive. 


Jerry Mead and Patty Thompson hope you find the loving home of your dreams real soon!