• Adopted: 03-25-10
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Size: 36 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: A smart, loving, gentle girl with a kind spirit

Applejax is a small, sweet, gentle girl who gives kisses easily.  She is a petite 36-lb., 3 year old, orange English Setter mix.  Applejax was somewhat skittish when she first arrived, but that disappeared within a few days.  She has now found all her favorite spots in the house (mostly corners of sofas), and loves to curl up and nap in those places.

 Applejax has not had a single accident in the house and she is very regular in doing her “business”.  She eats well and sleeps well.  She has been a little protective of her food when eating because our 2 dogs hover over her and make her nervous.  We're working on that so Applejax won’t be fearful of losing her food.  When she first arrived, I had trouble getting her to eat – I think she was just insecure about being in a new place.  Now that she’s comfortable, she eats great and loves all her treats.

 At night, when we all go to bed, she walks right into her crate and curls up among her blankets.  She sleeps soundly all night and waits patiently for her crate door to open after she wakes up.

 This girl knows “sit” and “down” and “stay”.  She struggles to “come” because it’s usually being said to her when she’s outside having a good time!  She loves being outside, but she also loves being inside.  When outside, she explores everywhere and tries to find squirrels she can chase.  She’s never tried to jump the fence and just loves smelling and discovering.  Inside, she plays some with her toys and will fetch a toy when it’s thrown, but she doesn’t always bring it back!  She loves finding a comfy place inside to curl up.  You can see that in some of her pictures.  She also loves to go for walks.  She pulls a little on the leash, but we use a harness and that keeps her under control nicely.

 Applejax would be best in a home where she is either the only dog or is with another calm dog, and any children in the home should be at least 8 years old.  She is so gentle and calm that she gets a little nervous when there’s a great deal of activity.  And there’s a lot of activity with our 2 very lively dogs.  They’re huge barkers, but she is not.  I’ve heard her bark a couple of times outside, but only when our neighbor’s dog came up to our fence where she was.

 When we’ve been gone for a while and return home, Applejax wags her tail so much that she looks like she’s going to wiggle right out of her skin!  She’s so squiggley she almost leaves the ground – what a happy, sweet girl!

 This little setter is smart and loving.  If you’re looking for a darling pup with a very kind spirit, Applejax is the girl for you.