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  • Adopted: 05-24-10
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 5 yrs
  • Size: 52 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: handsome,sweet, a quick learner and loves attention

Evan is an absolute love bug.  He leans in for hugs and pets and adores snuggling on the couch.  This orange boy has adjusted easily to his foster siblings and foster home.  He loves to play and enjoys his toys tremendously.

Evan is 5 yrs old and weighs 52 lbs.  He is fully house-trained, and has not had an accident here.  He doesn’t know many commands, but we were able to teach him “sit” and “come” in just a few days.  We’re working on “down” and he’s fairly good with a shortish “stay”.  He’s a very smart boy, and is learning everything quickly.  Obedience school would be fun for him – he’s a quick learner and loves attention.

He’s happy inside the house but is also very happy to be outside.  He’s a great explorer and just enjoys himself.  He is not a high energy dog, but he does have energy to expend.  We walk every day, but he also loves to run a bit.  Luckily, we have a fairly large yard, so he is able to run when he chooses.  I do think a yard big enough for him to run some is important; plus his new family will need to exercise him on walks.  He does pull a bit on the leash (we use a harness with the leash attached), but it’s not unmanageable at all.

Evan eats well and sleeps well.  At night, he curls right up in his bed and sleeps until morning.  I gave him a Kong filled with treats today for the first time, and he loved that.  Right now, he’s curled up next to me snoozing away.  If I reach down to pet him, he looks up with the sweetest expression and turns over for a belly rub.

This is a handsome, sweet, really soft setter boy who needs a family of his own.  Can you find a place for him in yours?


We hope that you will be snuggling on the couch with your forever family very soon!  Steve, Teri and Miss Sydney Sauer