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  • Adopted: 10-10-09
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 6-7 yrs
  • Size: 46 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Gilbert will melt your heart and make you giggle, all at the same time.

Gilbert will melt your heart and make you giggle, all at the same time.  Gilbert is a goofy 6-7 year old orange fellow with the warmest brown eyes you've ever seen.  He's not built like your typical field setter; he's shorter and stockier than most, weighing in at 46 lbs.  Gilbert doesn't have the tummy but his deep chest gives him a Buddha-like look when he strikes his ‘sloppy sit' pose.  He even sits this way to eat his dinner some evenings.

Gilbert and his ‘sister' Claudette came to ACES because their owner could no longer care for them.  Gilbert and Claudette are morning people ... um ... setters.  After a good night's sleep, they love a romp early in the morning.  They play bow to each other and then tear around the yard chasing each other.  They also play bow to their foster mom and love it when she play bows back.

Gilbert settled quickly into his foster home.  He likes the outdoors, but he still wants his foster mom to go outside with him.  While exploring outside, Gilbert will often look for his foster mom across the yard.  Then he will grin his goofy grin and run top speed to her for some special attention, like he's greeting a long lost friend.  Gilbert's top speed looks more like a cantering pony than an athletic setter, adding to his quirky charm. 

Actually, Gilbert is a home body who prefers to spend his time indoors.  He's a little shy but loves calm attention and tummy rubs.  Gilbert has also discovered soft dog beds and cushy furniture and luxurious human beds in his foster home.  Now, that's the life!

Gilbert has another funny quirk; he loves to remove labels that humans have neglectfully forgotten to take care of.  Dog beds, pillows, mattresses,  jeans ... Gilbert doesn't care.  He's there to help!  He can't have those funky labels distracting from the beauty of his home.  Gilbert also likes to chew on nylabones but hasn't bothered any other household treasures.

We think Gilbert spent most of his time outside, so he's getting a refresher course in House-training 101.  He's doing well, with only a few accidents while his foster mom is at work.  Gilbert is afraid of thunderstorms.  He lies quietly in his bed and trembles.  However, he takes great comfort if you will just sit on the floor with a hand across his back.

Gilbert has made lots of new friends in his foster home. In fact, he doesn't hang out with Claudette nearly as much now. Claudette likes to spend time outside; Gilbert likes to stick close to his foster mom. Gilbert's new little foster sister, Ziva, is quite taken with him and will choose to play with Gilbert rather than any other foster-sibling. Gilbert wasn't too sure about her at first, but now he seeks her out to play. Since Ziva's not allowed to be too active, they lie on the bed together and mouth-wrestle. Ziva loves to chew on Gilbert's ears and he doesn't mind too much, at least for a while. Outside, Gilbert likes to join in the chase games with the boys, running around the yard a couple times before taking cover under the picnic table. Gilbert's foster mom woke up the other night to find Gilbert sitting and staring at her. When she asked what he wanted, Gilbert jumped up on the bed, curled up against her, and went right back to sleep. Gilbert is looking for a person of his very own to adore; a calm patient person who will let him be himself and who will love him with the same devotion Gilbert gives in return. Would you like to wake up to a goofy boy smiling at you every morning? Then Gilbert's the guy for you!


Nancy O'Hern and her setter, Emmy, hope that Gilbert and Claudette find a forever home together soon