Nigel in his forever home

Nigel relaxing at home

Nigel in his forever home

Nigel sleeping at home

Nigel gets a lot of hugs!

Nigel relaxing in his forever home

Nigel with his sister

Nigel is well loved!

Nigel with his brother

Nigel with his family

  • Adopted: 08-19-09
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Size: 65 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Gentle and easy-going

Now some people might think that Commander is a silly name for a dog, but when you meet Commander, you realize the name is perfect. Commander carries his 65 pounds with the grace of a tiger as he pads around the house with his commanding presence. Commander has been a wonderful addition to our family. Even though he's ginormous, he is very gentle and easy going. He gets along really well with our other two dogs and is respectful of their spaces around the house. At times, he forgets how big he is and may play a little rough, but he quickly backs off when he gets the signal from our dogs that he's gone a bit too far. When he's in the house, he's a perfect gentleman. Commander loves to be around his new family and seeks out our attention, following us from room to room. He's a very good watch dog and quickly alerts us when something new is going on outside. Yet when guests arrive, he politely says hello, makes sure that everything's safe for his family, and then goes about his business. Commander just doesn't understand why the family room furniture is off limits! He quickly complies when we tell him "off" but then sneaks back later when he thinks that nobody is watching. Commander does tend to take advantage of his size when he wants to put his front paws on the kitchen counters to see what's going on up there. However, he listens when you ask him to get down, and he's getting so much better about realizing that this area is off limits. Commander is very polite about not jumping on people, but he does like to gently stand up and put his paws on your shoulder to say hello. Again, he's listens well and gets down when you ask him to. Admittedly, his foster family hasn't been as consistent as they should be with their rules because Commander is very gentle and seems to be trying to find his special place in the family. Initially, we had some challenges with Commander getting away from us. He has a history of jumping fences, so with his size, he does require a 6 foot fence. He has never tried to climb our privacy fence or dig under, but there were a few occasions where he took advantage of the opportunity to escape by pushing the gate open. Lately, Commander has made progress in not trying to escape.  We think he is realizing that we're his family and he can safely do all his running and playing in the backyard. Nevertheless, Commander's adoptive family will need to plan ahead to avoid any escape artist moves.  We were told by his original family that he loves to play with kids, and he doesn't mind cats being around the house. Commander definitely loves people, seeking their attention whenever he can. When his foster mom picks up her purse, he realizes that she is leaving and follows her around until she says goodbye at the door where Commander puts on the guilt trip by looking very sad and forlorn. However, when gets to go for a ride, he is an excellent passenger, just lays down quietly until we arrive at our destination where the next adventure awaits. If you would like to adopt Commander into your family, you will get an amazing pet. A big loving, gentle guy who will quickly adopt mom and dad, kids, grandkids, and those pesky cats! Commander's future forever family will be the real winners in the deal with an amazing dog who will be there to grow old along with his new family.


Nigel is a perfect match for our family, a good mix of lazy and exuberance!  I really can't imagine him in a home without children. Both our kids claim him as their very best friend.  He loves the attention and cuddling and is very patient when the hugs are a bit tight. Nigel is unlike any dog we have ever known, almost cat like, in his lounging and sound sleeping.  Nigel is not too snappy with his obedience but is learning nicely and is very well mannered. He loves to walk the streets of the Garden District and looks so regal strolling down St. Charles Avenue. He is a great companion and a joy to take to the numerous New Orleans festivals and street fairs. We are lucky to have a tall perimeter fence around our yard, with our home in the middle, as Nigel proves a speedy and swift runner. He enjoys chasing the squirrels and birds in our garden.  Thanks for helping us find  the perfect match for our family. ---The Kenwoods