• Adopted: 12-29-09
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2-4 yrs
  • Size: 38 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Olympic athlete

If you blink, you might miss her!   Panini is a sweet, petite (38 lbs.), 2-4 year old setter with enough vim and vigor for 10 setters combined. Originally found as a stray, this lucky girl made her way into ACES and is learning what it is like to really be a part of a family.  Since living in a house is new to her, Panini can be jumpy and unsure when it comes to normal, everyday household noises and objects.  It is going to take a little while for her to get used to all of the changes she is experiencing.  Right now she is feeling very grateful for a safe place to run, and a soft bed to call her own....oh and the couch isn't bad either. It didn't take her long to figure out how comfy those couches are!

If there was an event in the Olympics for dogs, Panini would be a shoo-in.  She lives to run, and could chase butterflies all day long without slowing down.  Her foster siblings feel tired just watching her.  Being that she is such a first class athlete, Panini will need a fence at least 6 feet high.  Her best home would be with someone who is familiar with high energy setters, and someone who is not gone at work all day.  It will be important for her new family to understand that Panini may get a little anxious and bouncy if not given enough opportunity to stretch her legs.

Right now Panini has a lot of lost time to make up for, and she might seem like a very busy girl with not much time for anything but dashing from one corner of the yard to the other.  However, her foster family is letting her know that affection and love can be wonderful too, and that it is okay to enjoy an ear scratch and gentle kisses as part of her routine.  She is starting to show that she appreciates that very much.  One of her best tricks is to come to a screeching halt at our feet and sit for pets.  If you bend down and rub her chest she will thank you with gentle licks to your chin.  She doesn't stay for long though, and as fast as she came, she will bounce into the air and take off like a rocket.

Panini is terrific with dogs of all sizes.  While she doesn't look to them constantly for entertainment (there are too many butterflies and bees for that!), she does enjoy a really good chase and wrestle from time to time.  Her foster home does not have cats, but the shelter reported that Panini was fine with the cats there.  Panini is house trained, but does sometimes try to chew on inappropriate household items. 

At night, Panini sleeps on her favorite couch in the living room.  She is an early riser, and will come and get you as soon as the sun starts to come up.  Since she is not terribly comfortable with a lot of hugging and fussing, a home with children aged 12 or older who will respect her space would be best. 

Panini is looking for a loving family who will understand her needs, and who will continue helping her blossom into the best girl she can be. Can you keep up with Panini?


Panini sends a big ROO to her new friend, Jeffrey Headley