Nap time

Beckett likes the floor better than his dog bed!

Beckett with his tennis ball

Handsome Beckett at home

First night home

Lazy day

Beckett in his yard

Beckett chillin in his crate

Close up

Beckett meets his Mom

Beckett in his forever home

  • Adopted: 08-13-09
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 55 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Beckett is a very sweet gentleman. He is two and a half years old, and until recently has not spent much time with human company. He was very shy at first. But it didn't take him long to come out of his shell and realize that he loves being around people. He is always in the same room as his foster mom, always watching, hoping for a free hand to pet him. He likes to be around other dogs and is easy to get along with. He plays well with other dogs. He loves to mooch peanut butter.

He is a bit of a mischief-maker. He loves to steal foster-mom's socks and run away, looking back over his shoulder to see if she is chasing him. He will steal the other dogs' toys, too, and run and tease them. All in good fun, of course, and he freely gives back the items he "steals." He likes to play ball and will retrieve, but at the end of the game he tends to chew the ball up if it is not taken away. Beckett is active, but not a high-energy dog. He is quiet when he is indoors and usually lays down on the dog beds. He sleeps all night in foster-mom's room on a dog bed; not getting up until she does. He would do well with some playtime and a walk every day.  Due to Beckett's lack of early socialization with people, he would probably do best in a home with children over the age of 5.

Beckett is a medium to large sized dog with a thick beautiful coat that grows more beautiful each day that he has a healthy diet. He has more feathers than the average field setter, but not as much as a bench setter. His tail is long and feathery. His coat is pretty care-free with few tangles or mats to worry about. He has a very attractive face with a big spot over one eye. He has a full, stately head, and does not have the big jowls some bench setters do. He carries himself proudly with his tail lifted high.

For a dog without obvious training, Beckett is well-mannered. He picked up on house training quickly, but does still have the occasional accident, especially on rainy days. He would benefit greatly from having someone spend some dedicated time with him and take him to a basic obediance class. He is an extremely fast learner.

Beckett is very affectionate. Now that he knows how wonderful it is to be a house dog and be around people, he can't wait to have his own forever family to bond with. He is going to make someone a great companion.


Deb O'Day and her setters, Clancey and Barkley, hope that Beckett finds his forever home soon


Hello from Canada!
The first night was a bit rough, but what a difference a couple days make! Beckett is much more relaxed and is settling in nicely. The 2nd night he did go and sleep in his crate. We let him out in the back yard off leash as the stress of putting the leash on him was too much for everybody! We've had some games of tennis ball in the back yard. We've gone on some walks, he pretty good on the leash, doesn't pull or anything so that's great. He's still a little skittish and startles sometimes but is coming into his own very quickly.
He's eating just fine, even that 1st night he gobbled up evry last kibble that was offered. So far I've not heard hime make a single noise, he plays with teh tennis balls, but won't even look at his dog bed...he'll lay right down on the hardwood floor right beside it! Guess he'll figure that out eventually!
All in all we are all getting on just fine. I've attached some pics for you.
Sarah, Jordie and Beckett