• Adopted: 09-23-09
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 5-6 yrs
  • Size: 30 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Hi!  My name is Cookie, but my foster Mom and Dad call me Sugar since I am so sweet!  I am a 5-6 year old orange setter with a set of eyes I am told that will melt your heart.  I am a petite girl weighing in at 30 pounds.  I became an ACES girl on Mother's day weekend and boy that couldn't be more fitting since I was a mother as well in the past.  I have been pretty busy with my heartworm treatment; they said I was a little trooper and recovered wonderfully so now I am heartworm free.  The next thing was my spaying, thank goodness since I was tired and definitely not in the mood for any more pups. 

So my first few days at my foster home were interesting.  I am not sure I knew what all the 4 legged creatures were.  My foster mom let me know they were canines and could be my playmates.  So she introduced me to my foster siblings and wow was that overwhelming for a girl like me.  So instead of me hanging out with all 3 siblings I just decided that I would stick with my Setter foster sister. I like her; she is relatively calm and really agreeable so I don't get nervous that she would want to hurt me.  Spending time with her has helped me boost my confidence. So I started to hang out with my Boxer foster sister she happens to be a little less easy-going so I was a little apprehensive to spend time with her.  I am trying to learn that it is ok to have more than one friend but I can't lie, it gets a little overwhelming at times.  I love to be outside in the yard where my foster mom and dad let us canines have fun.  I spend a lot of time running and playing with my setter foster sister; we both love chasing tennis balls. I also spend a lot of time looking at the birds.  I like to sit and watch them.  Nothing really breaks my concentration when a tweet, tweet is around.  When I am tired, I lie down and take in all of my surroundings.  My foster mom says I am such a good canine citizen outside since I rarely ever bark. My foster mom and dad don't need to be with me and I never dig or try to jump the fence.  I am just an independent girl who loves to be outside catching the breeze.

At night, I love to hang out wherever my foster mom and dad are at. I quickly settle down and curl up for the evening.  They let me hang out on the couch with my foster siblings but I must say, I really just like hanging out with my setter foster sister and I don't mind sharing my foster mom and dad with her. My other foster siblings are bigger than me and I tend to get a little nervous when the whole gang is there. I am house trained but have had a few accidents in the house.  So my foster mom set the rules: I must go out right before bed and first thing in the morning to take care of business, then I am good to go.  When it is time to go to bed, I either curl up on my dog bed or I spend the night on the couch.  I am pretty independent so I certainly don't mind to catch some zzz's on my own.  

In the morning once I hear my foster mom and dad wake up, I am ready to go.  I like the predictable routine that I have.  I know exactly when I am going out and when it's time to eat.  When my foster mom and dad head off to work, I spend the day in my doggie room and since I am such a good girl I don't need to go into a crate.  I curl up on my dog bed and wait for them to return from work.  I come when called and have been working on sit and stay.  I have not spent a whole lot of time on a leash so I may need a little work with that.  I have not spent much time with kids either, but I have spent some time with my foster family's 5 year old niece and all I wanted to do was let her pet me.  I love all the attention that I get from any human companions. 

I am definitely ready to find my permanent home.  I think I would like it best if there was only one other calm, friendly, easy-going canine playmate, but don't be fooled; I sure wouldn't mind having my new family all to myself! 

Love, patience, and the outdoors are the keys to helping me fulfill my little world. Do you have the keys to my permanent home?


Deb O'Day and her setters, Clancey and Barkley, hope that Cookie finds her forever home soon