• Adopted: 05-07-09
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2/13/09
  • Size: 13.5lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Giselle and Gianna of the 'G' Litter are two little rays of sunshine who will warm you from the inside out. These darling deaf girls were born on 2/13/09 and are on a mission to be loved all the time.

Giselle is a little girl with a big heart. She loves to be picked up and held, and loves when you give her gentle kisses on her cheek. Her favorite game is tug of war, and she will happily latch on to a sleeve or pants leg and play, play, play. Giselle loves to help with chores and will enthusiastically follow along in the yard as you go about your gardening. She even helps pick up sticks and pull weeds - you just have to remind her not to eat them. Giselle's favorite things are tug of war, twigs, chewing on her sister's ear, giving sweet puppy kisses, and wrestling.

These girls love being with people, and will focus on you and watch your every move - perhaps hoping for a treat to magically pop out of your hand! Giselle is doing very well learning to sit and to take treats gently. It will be important to provide her with a variety of puppy-safe chew toys in order to keep those sharp little puppy teeth occupied. Although Giselle is eager to learn and explore, new things can sometimes make her uneasy, so it will be important to show her that new things are positive things that are followed by yummy treats! Because Giselle is deaf, her new home must be equipped with a physical, not invisible, fence.  She will do best with children aged 8 years or older. 

This special girl is made up of pure puppy power, and will require patience, lots of positive reinforcement training using hand signals, lots of fun times, and lots of love.


You're such a cutie! It won't take long for someone to fall for you and take you home. We're here for you til then.
Steve, Teri and Miss Sydney Sauer