Bella with her sister Kate

Bella in her forever home

Bella relaxing at home

  • Adopted: 07-13-09
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Size: 45 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Bella embodies everything you've heard about English Setters. She is spirited and active, yet extremely loyal, affectionate, and beautiful. Bella is a lovely 3-year old orange girl, who weighs 45 lbs. Bella is an affectionate, loving dog. She rapidly became acclimated to our family, with no real transition difficulties. Our two dogs (another setter and a Sheltie) quickly accepted her, maybe even helping her find her place here. Bella quickly became their favorite playmate - she always matches the other dog's energy and pace as they play their doggy games.

Bella's greeting for people is somewhat unusual - she offers 'Eskimo kisses' rather than a tongue lashing, as most dogs would do. Bella is also very verbal, with an extensive vocabulary of whines, woofs and barks to express her pleasure, greetings and needs.

In the house, Bella is a happy, well behaved pet. She is house-trained, obeys voice commands and respects every boundary we have set - though she did test them in the beginning (she apparently felt that our armchair was obviously a nice new doggy bed we had gotten for her). She respects our other dogs' spaces and never starts any trouble.

Outside, Bella is a very active dog. When we are home, our doggie door allows her to come and go as she pleases. She generally spends much of her time outside - keeping constant watch for any birds that may be in the vicinity of the yard. She enjoys watching for and "pointing" out, all the little critters she can find. She is happiest when one of us accompany her outside but is quite content on her own as well.

Bella's natural instincts are even more evident at the off-leash dog park near our home. From the moment she arrives, she begins chasing birds and shadows and sounds and the wind and whatever, from one corner of the park to the other. It's wonderful to watch her having so much fun! She checks in with us from time to time, gulps some water, and then runs off to look for more critters. She is friendly to the people and other dogs there - but they really do not seem to hold much interest for her, compared to all the other things she has to do.

Bella's personality is easy going both at home and around others. She is a happy and confident dog. Overall, Bella has good manners; however, she could use a little more work on the leash in distracted situations. For example, when arriving at the dog park, her excitement can overcome her and she pulls to get there quicker. Leaving the park however, she walks nicely, and takes the guide from the leash well.

We believe Bella will do best in a home that allows her the freedom to enjoy herself outside, either as a single pet, or with other canine companions. We do not think she would do well crated. Based on her intensity and focus when active, we would suggest that she is best suited for families with children over the age of 10. After a busy day of birding, Bella wants nothing more than to relax with a loving forever family.


Deby Meeks and her special girl Dolly Bella, send special adoption wishes to Bella


It hardly seems possible that Bella has been with us for just a week.  She has moved into our family with such gusto and good humor, it feels strange to imagine life before her.  It's also hard to believe that we could come to love her so much in such a short time.  Bella is every bit as bright, funny, and unflappable as Lisa described her, and to our great relief Kate seems not only unfazed by the adjustment but actually interested in the antics of this clowny youngster who showed up out of nowhere. The two are not best  girlfriends yet, but they're pretty good pals; the only issues have been over personal space, and they're getting their rules worked out  with minimal friction. They like to be in the same room to keep an eye  on whether the other one is having more fun, and Bella has even gotten Kate to chase her around in the yard a few times.

Bella is so full of energy and joy. She revels in sprinting from one end of the yard to the other, her nose raised as she runs full tilt, and that tail never stops. There are so many scents of critters and bird sounds and movements out there, she acts like she's in doggie Nirvana and just wants to suck it all in. She has also responded incredibly well to a Gentle Leader collar, so that walking the two of them is a real pleasure. Those girls are getting two and three multi-mile walks a day and we're all loving it.

There's so much to tell--Bella's fascination with lights, shadows and reflections makes us laugh and provides great games with flashlights, mirrors, etc. Ho, boy--we figure if we just owned a disco ball, this dog would be set for life. Her attentiveness, her desire to please, her affectionate, agreeable, mischievous but respectful nature--they've just made it so easy to love her.

We can't thank you and everybody involved in this adoption enough for bringing this special girl into our life. Please share with others our gratitude for a positive outcome and a wonderful experience. This setter truly has gotten another chance, but so have we--to open our hearts and home up again, and we've already been greatly rewarded for it. Bella is really an ACES success story! Thanks to all the voluteers, and especially to Lisa and Bob, Bella's loving foster parents, for helping her find her way to us.


Bella asked me to write and wish you all the best for a happy and peaceful New Year. This afternoon we had a nice walk in a light snowfall.  You should see Bella dig in the snow--she likes to pounce, both front feet up in the air and then, whap, down into a drift, then dig and tunnel with her nose. She also loves to scoop up a mouthful and crunch it as we walk along. The first snowfall, she was a stitch--super-alert, head up, running all over the yard to catch snowflakes in her mouth like a little kid catching them on his/her tongue.

We've delighted in seeing Bella become more relaxed and secure. She now actively seeks cuddles; when she first came to us, she tolerated petting but was pretty much her own girl, friendly and sweet but a little detached. Now she's bonded-- her "woo-woo" greetings are a treat whenever we come home, and she follows me around the house during the day, just to be there. We also chuckle over her vocalizations-- she's so expressive, not just in her face, but with her voice. Gosh, we love this dog.


Our beautiful Bella, whom we adopted almost 2 years ago, remains a jolly gal, unfazed by anything, and a true character always able to find a new way to make us laugh. Right now she's heavily into setting mosquitoes--then snapping them up if they get close enough. She's also quite busy with butterflies, but luckily for them she's more fascinated by their fluttering shadows than the actual insects, so they escape harmlessly. We treasure Bella's unrestrained "woo-woo-woo!" greeting when we come home. Who knew this one-time stranger could bring so much love and joy into our home?