• Adopted: 06-08-09
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2/3/09
  • Size: 12 lbs
  • Color: Tricolor
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Introducing the fun-loving F litter! This playful trio was born to ACES Farrah on February 3, 2009. These puppies enjoy a good time but are also working hard on their housetraining, their manners, and finding families of their own.

Farley goes through life in wide-eyed amazement. His big brown eyes take in everything around him. Farley is not one to miss out on the household happenings. He's the first to come running when the puppies are called. He's also not one to miss out on any affection. Farley is the Casanova of the group, always ready to cover you in puppy kisses. He will muscle in for cuddles when you are paying attention to his siblings. One other endearing quirk, he moans and groans when you pet him. It's like he is enjoying a really good massage.

Farley will need lots of toys to keep him busy or he'll make due with your shoes, your fingers, or your furniture. These puppies would be fine with other dogs and children. But, families with little ones, please remember that puppies have sharp teeth and claws and they will nip and scratch. To get everyone off to a great start, Farley and his new family should enroll in a puppy class that uses reward based training.

Farley can't wait to share his puppy kisses with your family!