• Adopted: 06-08-09
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2/3/09
  • Size: 11 lbs
  • Color: Tricolor
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Introducing the fun-loving F litter! This playful trio was born to ACES Farrah on February 3, 2009. These puppies enjoy a good time but are also working hard on their housetraining, their manners, and finding families of their own.

Florry is an independent girl with a mind of her own. She was the first to climb the stairs and the first to make her way onto the couch. She likes to view the world from the highest point in the family room, the arm of the sofa. She is also not intimidated by loud noises, like the vacuum cleaner or the lawn mower, or the big dogs in the house. When confronted with two rambunctious Labradors at the vet's office, her siblings ran for cover while Florry sat at the end of the leash and cocked her head to contemplate the crazy labs. Florry is a sporty girl who loves to play chase and tug with her siblings. When everyone else starts to settle down, Florry has a last little bit of energy left in her.

Florry will need lots of toys to keep her busy or she'll make due with your shoes, your fingers, or your furniture. These puppies would be fine with other dogs and children. But, families with little ones, please remember that puppies have sharp teeth and claws and they will nip and scratch. To get everyone off to a great start, Florry and her new family should enroll in a puppy class that uses reward based training.

Florry can't wait to claim her spot on your family's sofa!