• Adopted: 04-28-09
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 36 lbs
  • Color: Tricolor
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

This past winter, Farrah found herself wandering in the woods. She was a stray, but she was not alone. Farrah had a litter of puppies ten days after she was picked up by animal control. This 36 pound little girl has been through a lot in the past several months. She took good care of her pups, has regained her strength and energy, and is now looking for someone to take care of her.

Farrah is a 2 year old, dark-headed beauty. She's an easy-going girl who is content to be where you are: on a dog bed in the family room, on the kitchen floor while you cook, by your seat while you eat your meal, and on the sofa while you watch T.V. At night, she sleeps on her dog bed next to our bed. Sometimes, she'll start out the night in the family room on the couch or dog bed and will make her way up to our room after we've gone to bed. On the weekends, after she's gone outside, she likes to join us in bed for a late morning snuggle and sleep-in. When she is outside, Farrah is attentive to the noises made by the birds and squirrels. She stands very still and watches, waiting for the slightest movement in the yard.

Farrah is house-trained and crate-trained. She does spend the work day in a crate, but we let her have free roam when we are gone for shorter periods of time. Keeping with her agreeable nature, Farrah has been one of the easiest fosters that we've introduced to our dogs. While Farrah gets along well with everyone, she does not play. Lately, she has had spurts of "crazed" running down the hall so perhaps there is a playful puppy deep inside her. Farrah is happy to find a toy or a bone and steal it away to her dog bed or crate where she will chew on it by herself. We've also found our daughter's stuffed animals stockpiled on the dog bed in our bedroom. Farrah has obviously been treasure hunting.

Farrah likes the routine and predictability of our home. Young children seem to make her nervous, but Farrah loves our three teenaged girls. A home with older children would probably fit Farrah the best. Farrah is ready and waiting for a life on Easy Street.


Just to bring you up to date... Tia met Santa at Petsmart and spent the weekend of Dec 19th at our daughter's graduation as Cum Laude from Univ of Wisconsin Oskosh. Tia was there as usual and was beautiful and well loved by our daughter and grandchildren! Like all of us she has put on a few pounds over the Holidays but come spring when we go to the Camper she will walk and run it off as we will do; not sure about that running bit with us though! Most of the time she sleeps in her bed next to me but at times she does have some bad dreams and she'll sleep in bed between us. She knows how to make herself at home and lays her head on a pillow and stretches out until we have to rein her in so we can sleep in OUR bed! She a beautiful friend that loves to lay on the couch and make sure her head is on my leg or lap. If Tia doesn't think she's close enough she'll get closer and put her head on my chest! Needless to say she is now very spoiled and there is a strong mutual love! Again, thank you A.C.E.S.