• Adopted: 03-20-09
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 1 yr
  • Size: 37 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Lisa Marie is a one year-old, 37-lb. setter with orange ticking on her face and strikingly beautiful eyes. One eye is blue and the other both blue and brown (like cracked glass). She seems tall compared to the other English Setters we've known and still has the lankiness common to puppies. She had a litter of puppies shortly before being abandoned, so she's recovering from that experience.

Lisa Marie is house-trained, knows how to use a dog door, and walks well on a leash. She's learned how to sit and look, and is working on other basic commands. She loves to play with her dog sister both inside and outside. Lisa Marie is friendly and wags her tail for everyone she meets. Lisa Marie has an intense interest in cats.  The cats in her foster home recommend that she go to an adoptive home with no cats

Lisa Marie's normal day is pretty typical for an English Setter. Unlike her foster sister, she likes to sleep late, so she has to be coaxed outside to do her morning business. Her peak energy times seem to be shortly after waking up and around 7 pm, just in time for an evening walk!  During the day, Lisa Marie contentedly spends her time in her crate while her foster parents are at work. She's so excited when they get home!  She has a sweet disposition and is content to spend her evenings laying on the sofa and watching TV with her head resting on our legs. At night, she likes to sleep at the foot of the bed, next to her foster sister.

Lisa Marie was abandoned along with another Setter, so she's likely to do better in a house with another dog. She still has some puppy characteristics and needs a good assortment of chew toys to keep her busy, and an owner to work with her on basic manners. Lisa Marie is a beautiful sweet girl waiting for her forever home.


Deby Meeks and her special girl Dolly Bella, send special adoption wishes to Lisa Marie.


Lisa Marie (Luna) is really settling in well -- she's affectionate, sweet and beautiful. We are in awe of her good manners and her easy going nature! And she is simply a beautiful dog--we're in love. When Steve first saw her Tuesday night, he got choked up the way Cora and I had. So he's really bonded with her and is the one who will be spending his days with her as he works from home. Yesterday he took a break from writing and napped with her on the couch.

Luna loves our new big fenced-in yard! On her first day home, she raced in circles down the little hill, up the hill, around the trees, really had a big romp! We laughed at her funny gait when she's running fast -- kind of clumsy -- almost like a newborn pony with her long legs flying out in all directions.

After breakfast, Luna loves to take an early morning nap in the red easy chair in our kitchen--on sunny days, the chair gets a pool of warm sunlight on it for a few hours--a perfect spot for a setter snooze. After napping, it's out to the backyard for playtime with Radar. Since Jenny is almost completey blind, she can't plan the way Luna and Radar do. Luna treats Jenny with respect, because Radar does.

Radar on the other hand is like a new dog--we hadn't realized how much he missed having a playmate around. He's jumping and rolling in the mud and trying to keep up with Luna, which is impossible. Sometimes she slows down to let him get near, but then shifts gears and burns ahead. It's so fun to see him huffing and puffing and running as hard as he did when he was a puppy.

We've had two obedience classes so far--she's got "Look", "Sit", and "Down" very well. We're proud of her. Last class we did "Come" from way across the indoor training facility and she came charging toward Cora and me, then buzzed past us and went to the door and looked out the window where there were horses in a field! But I don't know any setter who'd choose boring owners over outside excitement!

So she's really adjusted well and we love her. Thanks everyone--we've so happy with our sweet little Lisa Luna Marie!