• Adopted: 04-07-09
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 6 mos
  • Size: 22 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Trike was born in October 2008 with a broken, deformed left front leg.  His owners could not afford his medical treatment so they turned to rescue.  ACES was able to place Trike in a loving foster home, provide the medical care he needed, and get him on his way to a new life.  Trike is now 6 months old and has had surgery to remove his leg and shoulder blade.  He is recovering very nicely and gets along great on his three legs.
Trike melted the hearts of his foster family from day one!  He had only lived outside in a dog house so living inside his foster home was a new experience for Trike.  He adjusted very well to a comfortable dog bed, going to a crate at night, and living with his foster setter siblings.  Trike is very smart.  He was easily housetrained in only one week.  When he needs to go out, he barks at the front door.  When his water bowl is empty, Trike pushes it around the floor until we fill it.  One day, when we were busy and didn't give him water immediately, he went to the refrigerator door, stood on his hind legs, and pushed the ice cube despenser.  We were amazed at his ability to figure how to do this at age 4 months!
Trike is a very sweet and affectionate puppy.  He loves to get hugs while sitting on our laps.  He likes kids and enjoys time with our grandchilden.  Despite his disability, Trike moves quite quickly.  He will run with the big dogs in the yard.  He really loves the company of other dogs.  Trike is a very active puppy.  He enjoys removing dog toys from the toy basket, playing with them, and tossing them into the air.  He has never chewed any of our shoes or slippers although he likes to steal them and put them into the other dogs' beds.  This puppy needs lots of love and attention and plenty of room to romp and run.
Trike has the most beautiful puppy eyes.  They seem to say "HUG ME!"


Deby Meeks and her special girl Dolly Bella, send special adoption wishes toTrike