• Adopted: 03-12-09
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Size: 45 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Dexter's luck ran out when his family lost their home, his luck improved when ACES bailed him out of the shelter on New Year's Eve. Whatever it was, Dexter was up for the next adventure in his life.  Understandably, he was happy to be out of the confines of the shelter and he enjoyed the fresh air on the drive home.   That's when we found that Dexter really loves to ride in the car and he must have seen a drive through in his day, because he knew exactly what the window at Starbucks would produce.  He's a very polite boy, he'll wait his turn for a bite of whatever you're eating.

We've discovered Dexter's loving personality in the time he's been in foster care.  Dexter had a wound to his leg when he came to us that required veterinary care, he was allowed to come home to mend and he patiently tolerated the many hot compresses and bandage changes it took to heal his wound.  He would patiently wait for the hot compress to cool and for his leg to be wrapped in gauze, tape and then vet wrap. For anyone who has ever attempted to change a dressing on most dogs, you know that it's like trying to hit a moving target.  Not with Dexter, he would stand and let me work on his leg, eventually flopping over on his side, so he could make the most of the belly rubs.  

Dexter's leg has healed now and he's ready for his next big adventure in life, a NEW forever home.   This beautiful 3 year old,  blue belton boy is a lover of all things soft and fluffy, he loves to sleep curled up against you on the couch and we know he'd love to sleep on the bed but he willingly goes to his crate at bedtime.  Dexter showed us he had house manners the minute we walked in the door, he only had to be shown once where the doggie doors were and he's made use of them without fail.  He is crate trained and gets along with all of our dogs but Dexter does not like cats.  He seems to enjoy watching them and the squirrels but he will give chase.   One of the things he enjoys the most is running at the dog park, we've taken it slow, since his leg is healing but we got the okay from the vet to get some fresh air and exercise.  

Some dogs tell you the kind of family they want, I think Dexter would be perfectly happy in a single dog household or with other dogs, he just needs a forever place to hang his leash.  He has a big, happy heart and his interest in all things family amuses us on a daily basis, he's happy to hang around the yard during chores, nap on the couch or go for a ride.  He's obviously had some training, as he knew "sit" and "stay" when he came to us.   Dex is neutered, current on vaccines, heartworm negative and on heartworm prevention and he's microchipped.  


Dexter, I hope you find a wonderful family with a mom as devoted as mine! Biscuit and his mom, Marsha Heller