• Adopted: 02-02-09
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 4-5 yrs
  • Size: 42 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

If you are looking for a sweetheart of a setter then look no further.  Meet little miss sunshine, Molly B'Golly.  She's between four and five years old and this classy gal is 42 pounds of wonderful with a gentle nature and infectious wiggly joy.  Molly is just full of love for everyone she meets and is ready to pour it on in her new forever home.

Molly has not spent a lot of time as an inside dog but she unpacked her bags and made herself right at home in a hurry.  We're currently working on house-training.  At night she sleeps on a dog bed in our bedroom and quickly settles in to go to sleep, ready to get up in the morning when you are.  Molly smiles, wiggles, bounces and calls out the most melodious setter ‘roos' (a special setter greeting) for you when you come home at night.  She is well behaved in the house, always sitting down next to you to be petted.  In fact, she is a bit more polite than her exceptionally exuberant foster siblings.  She can be a little fussy about touching her tail or grooming so she should be with a family with older children who can treat her gently.

This girl really loves everybody; she doesn't have a mean bone in her body.  She welcomes guests, she welcomes dogs (and tries to get them to play) and she loves to meet new people.  Everyone who meets Molly just loves her personality.  Molly is a gentle soul who really loves to be by your side.  At her last home she lived with a cat, dogs and teens.  With her foster family she gets along well with a lab mix and an another English setter.

Outside, she loves to romp in the yard and scout around.  Leash walking is a new experience and so are many of the quirky sounds in the house (laptop video games and a coffee grinder) but she easily adjusts to new situations.  Molly will appreciate a set routine and gentle leadership as she adjusts to her new home.

This little ball of sunshine has a lot of love to give and as our vet put it, "Once somebody meets this dog, they will fall head over heels for her."


With love from me (Sandra Witten) and my two setters, Tiger and Annie