Bentley in his forever home.

Bentley in his forever home.

Bentley explores the yard in his forever home.

Bentley in March of 2009 when he first arrived at his forever home.

  • Adopted: 01-15-09
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 9 mo
  • Size: 43 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Meet ACES' newest freckled face, Declan! Declan is a 9 month old boy who weighs 43 pounds. Since coming to ACES, Declan has been learning to live in a house, gaining confidence, and basking in the love of his foster family. His next order of business is to find a forever home!

Number 1 on Declan's To Do List when he arrived in foster care was to learn the ways of being a house pet. This little boy is a quick learner and responds well to reward-based training. A few times outside with treats for going potty and he seems to have the hang of housetraining. What about where to sleep? Declan happily settles down for the night on a dog bed or with us in our bed. He's pretty calm in the house during the day. Of course, Declan is still very much a puppy and loves to play. He will bring the tennis ball to you for a game of fetch, he will eagerly grab a rope toy with another dog for a game of tug, and he can always find something to chew. He loves stuffies, bones, and balls. For the most part, Declan knows what a chew toy is and what isn't. The few times he has incorrectly chosen a shoe or the door mat to chew, he was easily redirected to his toys. He knows the command sit and is focused when you respond to his actions with treats or praise.

Next Declan needed to gain some confidence. Declan is not too sure about humans. His tail will tuck under when a new person enters his life. Not to worry though, he builds trust quickly. Once he can smell your hand and see that all is okay, he will come in closer for some petting or to give you tentative puppy kisses. Declan can also be spooked by strange sights (like Mom coming out of the bathroom with a towel on her head) or by unfamiliar noises (like the paper shredder). He will back up and take things in from a safe vantage point, but he usually doesn't hide. He's definitely making progress with each positive new experience. Even so, a home with rambunctious children or very young children would make Declan nervous. One thing that Declan absolutely knows is okay is other dogs. As soon as Declan saw our boys, his tail came out and his ears went up. To ease his transition to a new home, it would be best if there was a friendly doggie sibling waiting for him. Declan is definitely looking for a carefree playmate and not a bossy or bullying dog. Declan lives by the puppy rule...if you have it, it's mine...and will gently take toys away from his foster brothers. He also becomes anxious when my older dog barks non-stop at him, even if in play.

The easiest thing for Declan to accomplish on his To Do List has been to be loved by his foster family. Once Declan knows he is safe with his people, he wants nothing more than to be with them. For Declan, snuggling is a contact sport. He will stretch out and rub against you, curl into a tight ball to fit right up next to your side, or drape his head over any part of your body.

As you can tell, Declan has been very busy since coming to ACES. He would love to be able to check "Find a Forever Family" off of his list!


Declan sends a big thank you to his new friend, Jack Ullstrup


Enclosed is a picture of Bentley (aka Declan) when he arrived here last March and Bentley today. He is the goofiest dog we've ever had and we love him dearly. I can assure you he is a happy and well adjusted little guy. Thank you so much for this bundle of joy.