• Adopted: 08-03-09
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 5 yrs
  • Size: 59 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Where's Brandy? The answer is easy: This loyal girl is always by your side. You can't blame her. She's feeling a little insecure after having lost two families in six months. Brandy doesn't understand that her first owner traveled too much or her second owner had medical issues. Her only concern is that her next family doesn't leave her, so she's hanging close to her foster family for now. Our busy family of five is showing Brandy that people come and go. They go upstairs, they go downstairs, they leave the house, and they come back. As a result, her confidence is growing daily. As soon as she realizes that there is nothing to worry about, she lies down quietly and relaxes.

This five year old beauty has a larger frame and weighs in at 59 pounds. She came into our home without a fuss and gets along well with our three dogs. She's housetrained and waits to be invited up on the furniture. We trust her to have free roam of the house when we leave. When we come home, there is no indication that she missed us, other than her wagging tail and "happy to see you home" dance. Brandy spends the night stretched out by the side of the bed or in the middle of our bedroom floor.

Brandy enjoys the company of our dogs. She likes to run with them outside, checking out the rooftop and trees for birds and squirrels. Brandy does not enjoy the crazy antics of our two-year-old setter; he is much too rowdy for her. She does like to chase bugs with him, and she will play bow and initiate chase with our older boys. One of her favorite activities is rolling in the fresh grass. Brandy was on an invisible fence in a previous home and trained very quickly to our invisible fence.

Brandy can often be found with a stuffie in her mouth. She loves to take care of her "babies" and will often retrieve them if you throw one. She can be nervous around foreign objects, like the camera or the vet's stethoscope, but she's quick to warm up to people. She doesn't seem to be fazed by thunderstorms. Brandy would do best in a home where her family is not gone at work for most of the day and where she has another dog to keep her company. This loving girl is looking for the right family to be her forever family.