Bo making snow angels

Bo in his sunshine spot with Zeke

Bo in his sunshine spot with Zeke

Bo and his brother Zeke

Bo in his forever home yard

Bo resting with his brother Zeke

Bo in his forever home

Bo suns himself

  • Adopted: 01-06-09
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Size: 50 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

There's nothing to make you say "OH NOOOO" about Mr. Bill.   This handsome blue & white, three year old is one of the sweetest boys you'll meet.  He's not a one-size fits all kinda guy though.  He's looking for a very patient family with a calm home environment to help him build his confidence.

Bill hasn't known the joys of being a family pet for very long.  It's apparent that he spent most of his time out of doors and that's where he's most comfortable.  He'll run and play for hours checking every corner of the yard for birds and squirrels.  When he tires, he'll just sit gazing up at the trees waiting for the next little bit of movement that might indicate something interesting to watch.

It's no wonder this boy is 50 lbs. and skinny as a rail.  His foster family has been working on trying to put some meat on those bones, but he just burns it off in joyful play.

Nearly everything about being a family pet is new to him and he's ultra cautious when it comes to life inside the house.  At first even the smallest noise like his tags hitting the food bowl can seem scary but he's slowly learning to relax and getting used to a regular routine. 

He still hasn't worked up the courage to go through the dog door like the rest of his foster pack, but someday he'll get there.  In the mean time, he's good at letting you know when he's ready to come in from outside and has done well in the house with only one accident in his first few days.  He's very good at bedtime about going into his crate and is content to sleep through the night.

We wouldn't recommend a feline sibling for a novice cat or rookie parents.  He's making good strides in getting over his seeming obsession but it will take continued patience and training for all parties to make a mixed-family functional.

If Bill were human you'd think he could be a star of Cirque de Soleil when you see him in every possible position seeking the ultimate snuggle position on the couch with Dad!  He may be skittish about some things but the joy of couch time is not one of them.

Bill is the kind of foster boy that just makes you smile whenever you're with him.  You can't help but cheer him on as each day he slowly masters his fears and becomes a more relaxed member of the pack.  There's no grumbling or fear with other dogs.  He is so easy to get along with he could be voted "Mr. Congeniality" but certainly not "Mr. Photogenic" as he isn't willing to pose for a good face shot.  But did we mention soft and cuddly?

He's a great dog and one that will no doubt become even more wonderful as his confidence builds and he knows that he's in a safe and secure environment.  We have no doubt you'll soon be saying "OH's Mr. Bill!"


Thank you to Bill's new friends, Deb O'Day and her setters, Clancey and Barkley!
Bill, I hope you find a wonderful family with a mom as devoted as mine! Biscuit and his mom, Marsha Heller


Bo's been doing great! He's a fantastic dog!  He comes (almost) every time I call, and most of the time when Jim calls, He's figured out it's "4 on the floor," is learning "wait" and "watch me," but best of all he loves his back yard!!  He's even starting to come to the back door when he's ready to come in. So far we don't have a signal from him that he wants in, like scratch, but I'm working on it. He went for 2 walks with Jim and me, and did really well with "heel". He was a puller with us when we first got him, but he's gotten over it.

We couldn't be happier with him!


Bo greets other dogs on our walks every day, and lets people pet him. Basketballs and anything on two wheels and pedal power cause him to startle though.  He has bonded with us and shows his special love everyday. He has even learned to play! He "quacks" his duck by biting or smacking it, and the play is on.. barking and throwing all of his toys in the air as he bounces and runs around the living room! It's hilarious!  But alas.. you know he knows the sound of the camera, so getting a picture of him is almost an impossibility.

Jim says he's "Mommy's dog" and I'll own up to that. :-) He's a great companion, friend, clown, and best buddy. We couldn't be happier! And I do believe Bo shares that sentiment!!


Say hello to the birthday boy! Bo turned 4 yesterday, January 12! You wouldn’t believe he was the same dog you put on the plane a year ago!

He’s still kind of shy, but given the right person, will go right up to them and make friends. Especially mail people in mail trucks, in case it’s Em, who carries animal crackers just for him. Bo is still a bit nervous around new sounds, but that has not kept him from his walks- about a mile and a half every day! Because he loves it so much, we've decided to teach him to walk on the treadmill. He loves the smell and taste of tuna so we’ve got the bait!

Bo has calmed down a good bit and is a lot mellower than he was. No pacing and obsessing with tree to tree anymore. He loves the summer and does chase the birds, but he’s much calmer now. His fur filled in thick for the winter. He loves staying outside to play. The sunshine is his favorite place after a romp in the backyard.
He’s also more sociable now. He spends his days in and out, of course, but when he’s in, it’s not a beeline for his bed. He hangs around the living room with us... or the kitchen with me. Boy is Bo strong! His weight is steady at about 54 lbs, and he looks good!


Bo is 7 now! He is slowly but surely becoming more sociable at home. He has discovered the ever-moving sunspots on the livingroom carpet, and takes his rightful place in them with his brother, a 3 year old German shorthair. Bo loves to play outside with his brother, especially when their favorite squirrel is running along the power lines and swinging through the trees! How fascinating!!

He loves the dog park, where he can run like the wind and play with the other dogs, and of course, pursue his favorite pastime, watching for gophers in the fields beyond the fence. Bo loves attention. All you have to do is approach him, and he rolls on his back for a tummy scratch. It's been a long time coming, but it seems that Bo is finally coming out of his shell! Hurray!!