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  • Adopted: 11-29-08
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 6 yrs
  • Size: 42 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Do squirrels dig up your newly planted bulbs? Do the birds eat all your newly planted grass seed?  Are you tired of having all your hard work undone by nature's critters?  If so, Dot can help!  Dot is 6 years old and 42 pounds and loves to keep an eye out for the birds and squirrels in her yard.  As you can see from her pictures, Dot has lots of orange dots (or, as we call them in setterland, orange ticking). She is just beautiful with a sweet personality. Dot lives life to the fullest and wakes up happy and tail-wagging every day.  

Dot knows what she likes: long walks in the park and lots of human attention.  She learned quickly that the leash was a good thing (it means a walk!).  She waits for her harness and leash to get put on and then runs to the door, ready to explore the outside.  She pulls a little but not constantly.  Every once in a while on her walk, she'll swing back and check in with you and jump for joy because she's so happy.  But hold on if there are birds and squirrels about, Dot will point and often wants to go after them.  She's smart too -she learned which house is ours quickly and now turns and goes up the porch stairs and waits for the door to be opened.    Dot is pretty quiet inside. It didn't take her long to figure out what the dog bed was about. She'll run around a bit at first taking it all in, but then she'd prefer to lay at your feet or quietly chew a dog toy.   She soaks up attention and will lean against you to show you how happy she is or ask for a chin scratch or tummy rub.  She shows some interest in playing with her foster brother but mostly they let each other be. She sleeps and eats in her crate and doesn't mind that he comes around looking for stray bits of kibble and uneaten dog biscuits.  Dot is crate trained and house trained (no accidents so far).  

She'd be fine in a single-dog household or with a calm fur sibling.  There are no cats in her foster home, but the shelter recommended that she go to a home with no cats.  Dot is a sweetheart who is quickly learning to appreciate the good life. She's working on house manners and learning that full body hugs (she'll even wrap her paws around your waist) are not appreciated in her foster home.  She's a pretty lady who loves life, has some of the best setter qualities (energetic outside and calm inside), and appreciates the good things that are about to come to her.  She will need a family that is willing to give her the life she deserves.  Please consider giving Dot a spot in your home.


Dot is settling in nicely. She is a wonderful and very interesting doggie.  Based on the way she goes out first thing in the morning to potty (in a very repeatable and methodical way) and then wants back inside, I would say that she was previously someone's indoor pet.  However, based on the way she looks at a TV as if she has never seen one before, it makes me wonder if she's spent much time inside.  Her past is a bit of a mystery.

In either case, she is a sweetie.  She is smart and she seems to be a very quick learner.  Blizzie has already taken to her as her companion and doesn't want to leave Dot out of any of her routine.  They are going to be very good together.  We love our big fuzzy sedentary Setter and our little hyper bird finding machine!  They are both sweethearts!


Thank you to Dot's new friends, Deb O'Day and her setters, Clancey and Barkley!