• Adopted: 11-23-08
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 18 mos
  • Size: 45 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

This is a little girl who knows how to fit right in!  The first day she came to her foster home, she looked all around and smelled all around and bounced all around; and she was just fine!  Her foster sister, Bonnie, wondered where she came from; and her other foster sister, Heidi, made sure she didn't get too nosey.  Layla got the message immediately, which brings me to another point - Layla is very smart!

Layla wasn't taught certain basics like "sit" and "down.."  But she learned "sit" in a day, and is learning how to do a longer and longer "down" as the days go on.  She walks well on a leash and is happy whether she's inside or outside.  She likes to be outside where she bounces and runs and points when necessary, and there are lots of times when it's necessary to point!  Inside, she has found a favorite sofa to lounge on - you can see that in some of the pictures - and when she wants attention, she comes right over and asks for it.  When we're watching TV, she loves to snuggle up and be close.  Sometimes I call her "Velcro girl." 

Layla absolutely loves her toys, but she's still in that puppy stage of tearing them up, so I let her have them for a little while and then take them away.  She eats great and loves to get treats.  She loves going for walks, and just seems to think everything is wonderful.  Her two foster sisters play all the time - kind of a soft-mouth biting then chasing game; for a while, Layla bounced around on the outside looking in, but now, she gets right into it and has a great time with them.  It's really fun to watch.

Layla is crate- and house-trained.  She sleeps in her crate and goes in without a whimper.  Good girl!  If I leave the house, I leave her in her crate; and she's perfectly happy.  She had one accident right after she got here, but I know that was due to stress; and there have been no accidents since.

Layla grew up around older kids, but we have no reason to believe she couldn't be around younger kids.  She has a very sweet, low-key disposition.  She also grew up around a cat, but there's not one now in her foster home.  She's just a happy, care-free, loyal little lady.

This precious pup is lounging right now on the sofa behind me.  Is there a place for her to lounge in your heart?


Thank you to Layla's new friend, Pam Miller!


Hi!  Just wanted to show you how Layla is nestling right in.  She LOVES having photos taken. Are you sure she wasn't a show girl???  She is sleeping in a little bit later as I think the boys are keeping her pretty well entertained in the evening. I should have some more photos other than these new ones as soon as she meets her new "cousin" Favre who is new Seeing Eye puppy that my neice is raising for a year.  We just adore her as do her extended family now....grandparents, aunts and cousins!!!
Jill and boys