• Adopted: 11-07-08
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 6 yrs
  • Size: 53 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Sophie is a beautiful 6 year old orange belton female.  Don't let this beauty's age fool you; she is as energetic as a two year old.  When outside, she is in constant motion, sniffing the air for new smells, looking up to the trees for birds, and patrolling the bushes for small critters.  When she's inside, Sophie focuses on the other "critters" in her family.  She loves to be around her humans and looks for ways to engage her foster brothers in play.  She loves to wrestle inside and, when she's not busy with the birds outside, she will participate in a fast game of chase. The cat fascinates her, and she will stand and stare at him with her snout two inches above his head for hours, if we'd let her.  Luckily, the cat doesn't run because Sophie is sure to give chase.  She probably thinks cat-pointing is great fun, but not many cats would enjoy this type of attention.

 Sophie has been a house pet her entire life.  She is housetrained and has good house manners.  No chewing, counter surfing, or begging for this girl.  She will jump up to greet you, putting her paws on your shoulders so she can see you face-to-face, and she has barked to get what she wants.  We are working on both of these behaviors, and Sophie has made great progress.  Sophie knows several commands, such as sit, down, and stay, and she will come in from the backyard in response to a whistle.  She can be trusted inside the house while we are at work.  When we come home, she greets us with her stuffed bear or a shoe in her mouth.  Perhaps we should train her to meet us at the door with slippers!

 When Sophie's energy has been burned, she flops on the floor or curls up on a dog bed.  She has tried to climb up into our laps, but at 53 pounds, she's a bit bigger than the lap dog she thinks she is.  We will invite her on the couch to lie beside us.  Either way, Sophie is happy to be next to you, on you, or at your feet.  Beware of Sophie the kissing monster though!  She's likely to lick you to death.  She loves to give kisses to her humans and her doggie siblings.  Sophie spends the night on her bed on the floor in our room and is content to sleep for as long as we do.  If she needs to go potty early in the morning, she'll go out, take care of business, and go back to bed...

Sophie is a family dog looking for a family.  Will you be the one that she finds?


I didn't get a chance to get the camera out over the weekend, but here are a few shots taken last night in front of the fire. Sophie has adjusted well, and we love her to pieces.  We think she undertstands that she is our dog now.  We took a long walk last Sat to a friends house, and Sophie played in their back yard with Oscar the pet beagle.........who did his best to keep up with Sophie as she hunted her way continually around the perimeter.  She did keep one suspicious eye on me the whole time, and came and sat on the bench right next to me when I called her over.  She still greets us and all guests with her stuffed animal when we come home, and her whole body wags with her tail!  I doubt that we have ever seen a more affectionate animal anywhere.

Addy took refuge in the back section of the house upon Sophie's arrival, but as you can see from the pics, great progress is being made to bond the two of them together, and we feel it won't be long before they are sleeping on the same bed together! All is fine between them now, until Sophies stare finally gets the best of her, upon which a loud hiss is heard.  She has learned to turn her back to Sophie to alleviate the stare!  Sophie is eating very well, so we're pledging to refrain from spoiling her with people food.........we'll see how long that lasts!  It is definitely nice to have feeding be hassle free.  She sleeps with us in the bedroom, on her dog bed, and when I wake up, hopefully I'm facing inwards on the bed, otherwise no shower is needed as my face has been licked clean!

I will take some more pictures this weekend showing Sophie in action in the back yard.  We have several good size trees, and she spends hours bounding around chasing squirrels away.  I'm thinking my neighbor may notice his bird seed start lasting longer, as she continues to pester them.

Talk to you soon

Ted, Sue, Sophie, & Addy