• Adopted: 11-10-08
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Size: 45 lbs
  • Color: Tricolor
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

My name's Max but my foster parents said it should be Maximillion cuz I'm "one in a million!"  As you can see, I'm a very handsome tri-color setter with very soulful eyes. 

Not much is known about me or my background but the estimate is that I'm probably about three years old.  I didn't know much about being a housedog before, but I'm happily getting used to being loved with a safe home, regular meals and soft dog beds.  My crate is a favorite place, and I often go to hang out in it even when it's not bedtime. 

I didn't have any experience living in a home with five other dogs, and in the beginning I wasn't so sure what to think of it all. Now that I'm used to them and know that Mom and Dad have plenty of love to go around, I snuggle up next to my foster siblings or run and play without any more jealousy.

Toys and bones are a new experience for me but I think I like them.  I still don't get what the fascination is with eating ice cubes though as my foster siblings think they're great. 

I'm a very quiet, submissive guy with a moderate energy level.  I don't pull when I'm on a leash and I don't jump on people.. Mom says I'm a "plopper."  I just PLOP down in the middle of the floor or at your feet and am content to be as close to you as possible.  Because I'm still so skinny, I make a loud noise when I plop but hopefully with some more meat on my bones, my plop won't be so noticeable.

I've gained several pounds since I've been in foster and am feeling healthy again.  I weighed 45 pounds on my last visit and could easily stand to gain several more.

I'm a pretty quick learner and figured out the dog door right away and have almost mastered housebreaking.  My biggest challenge is that I don't like it when my people aren't around.  If you leave me in my crate when you need to go away, I'm very content. 

My ideal home would be a fairly calm environment without much competition for your devotion.  I need patient parents who would help me adjust to a canine sibling and help me to know that I'm safe.  A cat companion is fine too, as I have very little interest in the one I live with now.    

Dad says I'm a very sweet dog and I love to cuddle any chance I have..  There's no question when I'm happy because my tail seems to wag my entire body.  Mom says I'm a good guard dog because when I see someone in my yard I sound my deep throaty alarm...otherwise I just keep my bark to myself.  No need to bother anyone, as I want to be a good neighbor.

So that's my story...a good looking guy looking for a place to settle down and call my own.  I'm not afraid of commitment and am looking for a lasting relationship.  I truly am Maximillion!


Thank you and a big AROO from Max to his new friend, Jeffrey Headley