• Adopted: 10-08-08
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 1-1/2 yrs
  • Size: 44 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Jellybean is a gentle and graceful little lady.  This 1-1/2 year old orange belton beauty is a little thin at 44 lbs. so we are working on adding a couple more pounds.  Jellybean is a very active girl who likes to play with lots of toys and her 3 English Setter foster brothers.

Jellybean has spent most of her young life in an outdoor enclosed kennel area.  Since arriving in her foster home, Jellybean has been busy learning about being a house dog.  House-training is going well and she is developing good house and meal-time manners.  Jellybean gets a little too excited on walks with her foster brothers so we're working on loose leash walking. 

Jellybean enjoys exploring the world around her and loves to be with people.  She is not very birdie, but the foster brothers are teaching her.  Jellybean has made no attempt to jump over the 3-foot interior fence or the 6-foot exterior fence; however, she would dig under the fence if not for the cement blocks along the fence line.  As a result, Jellybean will need an invisible fence or a physical fence that is reinforced at ground level.

Good doggy manners were also new to Jellybean.  When she first arrived in foster care, she walked all over her foster brothers and treated them as play toys!  Jellybean is now learning to respect their personal space and the boys are much happier. Jellybean also likes to herd cats (which is not very popular with most cats). 

Jellybean would do best in a home with children aged 5+ since she is still learning the difference between human hands and her own doggy toys.  She is very comfortable snuggling next to you in bed at night or sprawled on the sofa or on the floor.  Jellybean likes her 2 biscuits at bedtime so she doesn't complain much when put in her kennel each night.

Jellybean is an irresistible little freckled faced English Setter girl that will love you for many years.  She will bring joy and lots of love to your heart and home! We think Jellybean is a First Round Draft Pick!!!


Hi All,
Just wanted to give you all an update on Miss Jellybean. She seems to be adjusting quite well! The first few days she wasn't eating her food, or eating just nibbling on it. She has been gobbling down the food recently. She is so wonderful! Josh is absolutely in love with her, and of course I am too. Last night he said, "God bless the man the invented the English Setter." This is his first Setter, so I am really glad he lover her so much!  She is doing really good. Nothing destroyed, no messes, no digging. I love how loving she is.  You guys were right, SHE IS WONDERFUL. I can't thank you enough for taking care of her and teaching her how to be a good dog! I have attached some pictures of her in her new home.  And one of her with her new brother, Brodie. They love each other. This morning I gave Jellybean a Milk Bone and she broke it in half and she shared it with him. Brodie lives in our in-law unit with Kendall, so he can get away from her when he needs too. She runs circles around him. But it is good for him to have someone to play with and he is very patient with her.
Thank you very much,
Jamie, Josh and Jellybean!

11/08 -- Just wanted to sent another update on lil jellybean. Last weekend was our anniversary. So, we decided to go to the beach. I thought I would attach some picture of her at the beach. I am assuming this was her first time seeing the ocean, since she is from Utah and Idaho. She had the best time. I would say she is very birdie!!! Man, she wanted those sand pipers. Pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen. She is still being a good dog. Thanks! Jamie

5/09 -- We just wanted to check in and give a little up date on our Jellybean, or Jelly as we call her. I would say that she has adjusted just fine. She is the smartest dog I have ever met! So far we have taught her to sit, stay, lay down, lay all the say down, roll over (which is my personal favorite), dance, sit pretty, shake, double shake, and right now we are working on speak...which I am pretty sure she will have down any day down. I'm not kidding she is a genius. Basically she just lives to make us happy. She knows who mom and dad are! And she does not like to get in trouble...and she does a very good job at it. She hasn't had a mess in the house in over 3 months!

Right now her favorite thing to do is lay on the bed with me when I am doing my homework. She also enjoys chasing the squirrels in our back yard and still thinks she is going to get one!! 
I honestly cannot believe that someone would give her up. But I am so glad that they did! She is our pride and joy....and a great "first child" for us!!! She has made Josh and my relationship stronger and happier. It feels like we have had her forever.

I will have Josh send you some more pictures, he is the photographer of the family, and Jelly is his favorite model.

Thank you again for completing our family!