• Adopted: 10-21-08
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 8 mos
  • Size: 33 lbs
  • Color: Tricolor
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

At 8 months old and 33 pounds, Harrison is a little bundle of puppy energy. Harrison found himself without a home when he and his dad, Samuel, were dropped off at the shelter.  Like most puppies, Harrison is forgiving and has moved on, settling right into his foster home.  He is learning to sit and not jump up to surf the counter.  Even more impressive, he has started dispensing puppy kisses!  

Harrison is almost house-trained but will occassionally have a piddle accident from time to time. Consistency and rewards for outside pottying should keep him on the right track.  Harrison loves to be outside and is quite interested in birds and critters. He seems to be quite content inside the fence and has not looked for a way to escape. Harrison loves to be close and cuddle in the moments he needs to recharge his puppy batteries.  Do you have a spot on your couch for Harrison?  If you have a big couch, please consider adopting Samuel too!


Harrison sends a big thank you to his new friend, Jeffrey Headley


Hello All,

I wanted to take a brief moment to update you all on Harrison, adopted in late October. He has adjusted very well so far. He spends the early mornings in our back yard before we go to work and goes to the dog park twice a day (spoiled!). He has not yet mastered walking on a leash but we are working closely with him. He knows sit, stay, lie down, shake, off, and no. He has started to respond to his name as well.

He loves our cat, Dexter. They have become close friends and play chase constantly up and down the stairs. Harrison has taken a strong liking to the shower. He loves to try to get in when it is occupied! He has made many friends at the dog park and is very social. Other dog owners at the park always compliment him on his good looks and ask what type of dog he is. Some think he is a Dalmatian mix because of his black ticking and others think he is a Border Collie mix- it is very funny! There are not many setters in the city for obvious reasons but we have run into a few. He is extremely birdy and whines to go out if he spots a squirrel, like most setters. He is a very good watch dog and lets us know if someone is coming to the door. Harrison loves to snuggle in bed before it is time for him to retire in his crate. We say 'kennel' and he goes right in. He will sleep in it with the crate door open- we are so proud! He is so sweet and gives hugs and kisses constantly. We love him so much!   I have attached some recent photos. Thank you again!