• Adopted: 07-30-08
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Size: 52 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

When we first met DUGGEN, he was a big, smelly mess.  This poor boy reeked of ode de pig farm, was hacking and drooling from a bad case of kennel cough, and was plagued by scabs on his neck.  Oh, what a difference an ACES foster home can make!  Duggen cleaned up good; this three year old setter is now the picture of health.

At 52 pounds, Duggen is one handsome big boy.  When you first see Duggen, that's exactly what you think:  big and handsome.  After spending a couple of minutes with him, you realize that the best adjective to describe him is smart.  Duggen is very responsive to instruction.  He knows sit, down, and shake; he comes when called from the backyard; and he will immediately stop any wrongdoing with a little "eh-eh!"  He was also trained on our invisible fence within the first week.  Duggen can be trusted alone when you are not home.  If you would prefer to crate him, that's okay with Duggen too.

Duggen is an all-around good dog.  He loves to patrol the backyard for birds.  When inside, he either lounges on the couch or plops on the floor.  At night, he chooses to sleep in the family room instead of coming upstairs with everyone else.  We think he takes this opportunity to snooze in Dad's recliner.  Duggen would not mind being the only dog at your house.  He's very good at entertaining himself with stuffies, likes to play fetch with a tennis ball, and soaks up individual attention.  If you do have a dog at home, Duggen would do best with an easy-going, friendly sibling that likes to share its toys.  Duggen gets along with the dogs in his foster home.  Duggen is happiest when running laps outside with the setter boys instead of playing chase or wrestling with them.

Duggen's size might make him a bit too much for smaller children.  He is fine with my kids (ages 11 to 17) and would probably be okay with anyone that he wouldn't be able to knock over.  We also have a cat that Duggen does not seem to be interested in.  Our cat is pretty dog-savvy and will not run when prodded by an English Setter's nose.  If your cat will run, Duggen may give chase, but then again, what dog wouldn't?

Duggen's tail is always wagging and his tongue is hanging out...sure signs that he has been transformed from a shabby shelter dog to a happy house pet.  All he needs now is a home to call his own.


You've come a long way baby!  Patty Thompson and Jerry Mead hope you get the best gift of all real soon - your forever home!