• Adopted: 08-10-08
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 37 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Mollie is a svelte, 2 year old spayed female orange belton.  At 37 pounds, she is currently working on adding a little more weight to her lean frame.  Mollie is a very active girl who likes to play with lots of different toys.  She enjoys being with people and also enjoys exploring the world around her.  Mollie is a little "birdy," but she has made no attempts to jump over her foster family's four-foot fence.  

Since she came to her foster home, Mollie has been busy learning about being in a house.  She is housetrained and has good meal-time manners.  She has made no attempts to counter-surf in the time she's been with us.  She will share food from her bowl, even allowing kitties in her foster home to sneak a few bites out of her dish while she is eating.   Mollie is learning that not everything she finds on the floor is a toy and that includes the cats!  She has learned that cats are not animated fuzzy squeaky toys and will now even sleep next to them without an issue.  She is also learning that things in the house make noises, noises that may startle her, but she is getting better every day.  We think she realizes that the other dogs in the house have no issues with these noises, so why should she?  While Mollie has good house manners, she is working on her doggie relationship skills.  She is learning how to play with other dogs and how to respect their personal space.  For instance, sometimes Mollie will walk right on top of them while she is walking down the hallway, a behavior that is not appreciated by the foster household's dogs.  Mollie is also learning that it is okay to play with TOYS with her mouth, but she should not play with peoples' HANDS with her mouth.  She is comfortable snuggling next to you in bed at night, sprawled on the couch in the living room, or in an open kennel at the foot of the bed.  She raises a short little protest when put into her kennel when we go to work in the morning, but it passes quickly.   

Good golly, won't you let Mollie into your heart and home?  Face it; you can't resist this pretty little speckled face one minute longer!  She has many years of loving you ahead of her... but only if YOU give her that chance.


While Mollie had a rough start with housetraining, her sweet, sweet face and personality told us we had to give her time to adjust and for her to know that she wasn't going anywhere else, again.  After about 3 weeks and the support of wonderful ACES staff and Mollie's foster family, the Behrens, Mollie found her stride and is doing wonderfully.  She trained quickly to our invisible fence and now loves to spend time outside running huge circles and barking at just about anything that moves. Mosely, our 6 year old Golden is learning to put up with Mollie's boundless energy, though he lets her know that nipping at his ears is not the best way to ask him to play.  Our kids, Ella and Keeton, love Mollie and her patience with them (especially Keeton, the 2 year old) is remarkable.  Both kids have to kiss Mollie and Mosely goodnight before they go to bed.  Mollie is quite smart and stubborn-she knows she isn't supposed to be on the new furniture in our family room, and she has apparently decided that a compromise is in order, because she will quickly jump off the couch if told to, but refuses to get off the bed at night.  She instead just looks at us and turns the other way, snuggling right in, so we've given up on that--she makes a good foot warmer in the bitter Illinois winter!   Mollie has filled into her body well, too.  She needed to put on weight when she came to us, and had been making good progress at her foster home.  We are so glad that while she is still svelt, you can no longer see her ribs. She has also gotten her "feathers" and is a very beautiful dog.  We are so appreciate to ACES and to her foster family for helping us find her-she is our first setter and we can completely understand the deep love owners feel for these special dogs.  I am attaching some pictures, though we don't have many.  For whatever reason, Mollie is very skittish around cameras and goes into hiding whenever I take it out.

Melissa, Jeff, Ella, and Keeton Bloom