• Adopted: 06-11-08
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 1 yr
  • Size: 29 lbs
  • Color:
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Kids over 7 yrs

LOLA wants everyone to know that good things come in small packages.  Pretty little Lola is 29 pounds of pure playfulness.  It's almost as if this 1 year old is making up for lost puppy time.  At first, Lola was a bit skittish when she arrived in foster care.  As she has become more secure, her wariness has been replaced with tail wags and play bows.

Lola is all about having fun.  She wants to play, play and then play some more.  She loves to run circles and make Figure 8's around the yard.  To help expend her energy, Lola could use a young doggy sibling to wrestle and run with her.  She needs someone who can keep up!  My 1 year old setter and Lola have a grand time, and while Lola gets along with all of my dogs, my older boys don't find her antics amusing.  Lola is fine with our confident cat, but she will probably chase a cat that is prone to running and hiding.

Lola is working on her house manners.  We have been training her to "sit" and to "settle" in order to curb her enthusiasm while in the house.  Because of her excitability, Lola would be best in a home with children over the age of 7.  Lola is also enrolled in Housetraining 101.  She spends the night in her foster parents' bed without incident, but during the work day, she is crated.  Right now, those two spots are her safety zones and she will either run into her crate or up to the bedroom if something makes her nervous.  The more confident she becomes, the more she has been exploring other areas of the house.  The sofa and the spot under the desk are quickly becoming new favorites.

Lola can be hesitant when on a leash.  It's definitely a new experience for her.  She is adjusting and learning to walk with us, but if she doesn't want to go, she just lays down.  It's a good thing she is so little and can be picked up so you can move on!  Even though Lola has had a lot to learn, she is making great strides in foster care.  She's a smart cookie who seems to learn a new trick every day.  She would enjoy taking an obedience class with her new family.  Lola is just waiting for you to help her learn to be part of your family.


Lola is doing very well.  We are taking Beginner Obedience again - we did it last summer, but it started a week after we adopted her and it was pretty overwhelming for her during the first few weeks of class, she was still in her fraidy-cat mode - now it is going very well and she is progressing nicely!  She has gained about 10 pounds total since we received her, is very healthy and looks great at 38 pounds.  She has settled down quite a bit and is not such a fraidy cat anymore.  She is quite the little talker/whiner/moaner and likes to try to boss us around (I have to remind Steve that she is not in charge!).  She seems to be developing a brown "bumblebee" above her left eye, in the black patch, so I guess we have to start thinking of her as a tri-color instead of a blue belton.

As you can see Lola is not fond of bath time and tries her best not to get her feet wet!  She's getting a little better, but not as good as Boo who will jump into the tub on command.  In the winter picture she is playing with our friend Tyler's dog during a break on a ski-joring trip, and is wearing her jacket over the harness.