• Adopted: 05-22-08
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 40 lbs
  • Color: Tricolor
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Hot DIGGITY!  Finally, I'm safe and warm and so happy.  This is what life should be like for a sweet guy like me.  I think that's what Diggity is saying to me every time he looks at me, which is quite often.  Diggity is about 2 years old, we think.  Just a guess, but he's still kind of in a chewing stage.  Keep those shoes put away!

Diggity came from a rural shelter where he was a brought in as a stray, very skinny, very scared, and very hungry.  When I picked him up, he was so happy to be out of his cage but very leery of where I might be taking him.  At first Diggity was frightened of all humans, but very much at home around other dogs.  By the second day, humans had become his friends but he is still frightened of loud noises. Diggity had not been house-trained but seems to have learned from the other dogs here that outside is the proper place to do one's business.  He has not had an accident in the house since the first week.  He was also afraid of the stairs in my house, now he flies down them like a pro.

Diggity is the first dog I've had that does not get on the furniture!  He is very content to sleep on the floor and does not even lie on a doggie bed.  So I'm encouraging him to stay off the furniture.  Diggity has learned, however, after leaning on my lap for a week, that it is very nice to climb up on that lap and take a little snooze.  While in my lap he gazes lovingly into my eyes with such adoration!  Diggity is very special, very special indeed.

Diggity loves chew toys and shares pretty well with the other dogs.  He defers to the other dogs right now; he just seems to say, "I'll do whatever's necessary to stay in such a wonderful safe place."  And Diggity, like all setters, loves to stand outdoors and watch the birds and the squirrels and chase them for hours.

Diggity is ready for a forever home.  He is loving and kind and very beautiful.  He has thick silky hair on his haunches, a tri-color face, with a little bit of pink on his nose and the most wonderful, kind eyes I've ever seen.  Diggity just needs a family to love!  Hot Diggity Dog!


Diggity sends a special thank you to his friend, Pam Miller, who hopes that Diggity finds his forever home soon.