• Adopted: 04-04-08
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 1-2 yrs
  • Size: 40 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: N/A

Meet MISSY, a 20-month-old orange belton field setter.  Missy has many dark orange freckles spread all over her face, lighter orange ticking all over her body, and two matching long orange ears.  These beautiful ears look just like a young girl's shoulder length hair.  While Missy is definitely feminine in looks, she is a 40-pound bundle of extroverted joy. 

Missy is a typical high-energy young setter (is that redundant?).  She'll need a safely fenced yard to zoom around in and would probably enjoy a good run or a vigorous walk every day.  If you are a dedicated runner or walker, she is the perfect match for you.  If you would rather sit in a lawn chair and watch her run around the backyard, that would could work too!

Missy is house-trained and crate-trained.  She uses her crate with its sheepskin mat, comfort blanky and stuffie as her sleeping quarters at night and for napping during the day.  Since arriving in foster care, Missy has shown that she can be trusted in the house and doesn't need to be crated.  Missy enjoys being wherever you are and would love to sit next to you and sleep with you.  She is very responsive to people and would do well in learning basic commands.  

Missy really enjoys her squeaky toys indoors or out and will bring them back to you, expecting a game of fetch.  She likes watching the birds but is not overly "birdy."  She is not a jumper or a digger and would be safely contained by a four foot fence.  Missy rides well in the van, but since she usually wants to drive, I use a plastic gate for safety.  Missy likes to play with the other dogs in our home.  She's an easy-going girl who loves everyone.


I adopted Missy in April 2008.  Her name is now Lizzie and she is doing great!


Still with love from me (Sandra Witten) and my two setters, Tiger and Annie